2-D Electrophoresis

IPG Strips for 1D / 2D GE

SERVA IPG BlueStrips are dried gel strips with immobilized pH gradient used in high resolution 2D gel electrophoresis of proteins. The strips have to be rehydrated before use. The homogeneous polyacrylamide gel matrix is covalently bound to GEL-FIX™ to stabilize the gel. Additionally, a non-binding cover film (GEL-FIX™ for Covers) protects the gel from damage and contamination. Each gel strip has its own lot number printed on and, therefore, is suitable for documentation according to GMP/GLP.
Stored at -20 °C the gel strips are stable for at least 18 months. Each package contains 12 gel strips (all gel strips are 3 mm wide). Other pH gradients and gel strip lengths are available upon request.

  • Consistent performance - 12 strips per package, all derived from the same production lot
  • Reliability - accurate casting procedures ensures lot-to-lot reproducibility of pH gradient
  • GMP/GLP conformity - each strip has its individual lot number
  • For rehydration convenient SERVALYT™ carrier ampholytes 2 ml pack sizes corresponding to the pH gradient of the IPG strip are available (see chapter SERVALYT™ Carrier Ampholytes)

IPG Strips for 1D / 2D GE

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