Nippon Genetics

NIPPON Genetics EUROPE provides cutting-edge products for the life science and biotechnology sector. With over 15 year of experiences, NIPPON Genetics EUROPE is specialized in sales, marketing and distribution of its own manufactured products as well as distribution of very innovative instrument and reagent companies.

Our product portfolio focusses on molecular biology, such as enzymes, kits and ready mixes for RT, PCR, qPCR, DNA Electrophoresis with safe DNA dyes and consumables, Protein electrophoresis with precast PAGE gels, protein marker and stains, as well as nucleic acid purification kits for DNA and RNA, and Gel documentation systems with CCD-cameras or CMOS-sensor using our unique safe blue/green LED light.

Recently, we developed our produced our own Gel Doc System with a proprietary software in Germany, the FAS Digi PRO. Our safe DNA stain MIDORI Green is a huge success as a safe alternative for Ethidium Bromide.

In Japan, we have many decades of experience in the production of highest-quality and affordable laboratory plastic such as Filter tips and PCR plastic. These are produced in highly specialized factories using clean rooms of the highest standard.
Additionally, we have superb products in the field of cell biology, from cell freezing using cryopreservation in cell biobanks to new cultivation media for human stem cells and growth factors.


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