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Ab ID Product Name
ab7403 Streptavidin (HRP)
ab127642 Recombinant Human Bub1 protein
ab65866 Native Human IgE protein (Azide free)
ab282858 Native human C1q protein (Active)
ab9642 Recombinant human TNF alpha protein
ab50036 Recombinant human TGF beta 1 protein (Active)
ab83471 Recombinant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ag85B protein
ab183266 Native Human IgG4 protein
ab218819 Recombinant Human Alpha-synuclein protein aggregate (Active)
ab124001 Native Clostridium difficile Toxin B protein
ab283299 Recombinant Human Cardiac Troponin I protein
ab9742 Recombinant mouse GM-CSF protein (Active)
ab280393 Recombinant Human IGFBP3 protein
ab81484 Recombinant mouse Wnt3a protein
ab280938 Native human Neutrophil Elastase protein (Active)
ab90285 Native Human IgG FC fragment protein
ab51995 AGE-BSA
ab259410 Recombinant human TNF alpha protein (Active)
ab91020 Native Human IgA1 protein
ab78833 Recombinant Streptavidin protein
ab224635 Recombinant mouse Galectin 3 protein (Active)
ab269024 Recombinant Human Tau (phospho ) protein
ab81699 Native Human Carcino Embryonic Antigen CEA protein
ab224840 Recombinant Human 68kDa Neurofilament/NF-L protein (His tag)
ab280330 Recombinant human Apolipoprotein E
ab233724 Recombinant Staphylococcus alpha Hemolysin protein (Active)
ab9596 Recombinant human FGF2 protein (Active)
ab64311 Native Pig Myelin Basic Protein
ab90283 Native Human IgG1 protein
ab51189 Recombinant Human Alpha-synuclein protein
ab84191 Recombinant A. victoria GFP protein
ab169901 Recombinant human c-Myc protein (Active)
ab259387 Recombinant human IL-1 beta protein (Active)
ab119880 Recombinant HPV16 L1 protein
ab218818 Recombinant Human Alpha-synuclein protein monomer (Active)
ab280943 Recombinant human PD-L1 protein (Active)
ab259406 Recombinant mouse IL-4 protein (Active)
ab119881 Recombinant HPV18 L1 protein
ab259381 Recombinant human IL-6 protein (Active)
ab259401 Recombinant human HGF protein (Active)
ab50239 Recombinant Human Apolipoprotein A I
ab259398 Recombinant human EGF protein (Active)
ab7533 Native Human Collagen I protein
ab259411 Recombinant mouse TNF alpha protein (Active)
ab123834 Recombinant human PARP1 protein
ab280332 Recombinant human CXCL10/IP10 protein (Active)
ab155623 Recombinant human DKK1 protein
ab285693 Native Human Plasma Lipoprotein a
ab226447 Recombinant HPV16 E6 protein (His tag)
ab237790 Recombinant Human Papillomavirus 16 (E7) protein (His tag)
ab239759 Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin (R-PE)
ab268712 Recombinant Human KRAS (mutated G12D) protein (Tagged-His Tag)
ab229512 Recombinant Human Integrin beta 4 protein (His tag)
ab49013 Recombinant Hepatitis B Virus Core Antigen protein
ab283420 Recombinant Human IGF2 protein (Active)
ab134853 Recombinant Enhanced GFP protein (His tag)
ab206642 Recombinant human BDNF protein
ab218817 Recombinant Human Alpha-synuclein protein aggregate (Type 2)
ab7535 Native Human Collagen III protein
ab7536 Native Human Collagen IV protein
ab182709 Recombinant human MICA protein (Active)
ab100961 Recombinant Firefly Luciferase protein
ab39901 Recombinant human Caspase-1 protein (Active)
ab85486 Recombinant Human Chromogranin A protein
ab91025 Native Human IgA protein
ab151631 Recombinant Human beta 2 Microglobulin protein
ab215523 Recombinant HIV1 Protease protein
ab174035 Recombinant human PD1 protein (Active)
ab84132 Recombinant Human c-Myc protein
ab9659 Recombinant human Interferon gamma protein (Active)
ab199750 Recombinant mCherry protein (His tag)
ab259377 Recombinant Human Interferon gamma protein (Active)
ab52953 Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Protein A
ab123764 Recombinant Human Apolipoprotein E3
ab48750 Recombinant human Interferon alpha 1 protein (Active)
ab280347 Recombinant human MMP2 protein (Active)
ab237007 Recombinant Human p53 protein
ab152016 Recombinant Human HE4 protein
ab289791 Recombinant human PGAM1 protein (Active)
ab300192 Recombinant RNase A
ab151345 Recombinant Human CD46 protein
ab286041 Recombinant human CD3 epsilon + CD3D protein (Active)
ab211320 Recombinant human PGK1 protein
ab62229 Native human Factor Xa
ab219458 Recombinant human beta glucuronidase (GUSB) protein (Active)
ab92363 Recombinant Golden hamster GRP78 BiP protein
ab270062 Recombinant human IGF1 protein (Active)
ab112387 Recombinant Human Bim protein
ab198643 Recombinant human COX1 / Cyclooxygenase 1 protein
ab267911 Recombinant Human GLP-1R protein (His tag)
ab245952 Recombinant human IL-6R protein (Active)
ab281809 Recombinant mouse IL-22 protein (Active)
ab274654 Native Bordetella pertussis Filamentous Hemagglutinin protein
ab43037 Recombinant HIV1 p24 protein
ab88533 Native Human Von Willebrand Factor protein
ab276321 Recombinant Human OMD protein (His tag)
ab158115 Recombinant Human Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor alpha 3/CHRNA3 protein
ab307872 Recombinant Human SARM protein
ab54117 Recombinant human Caspase-8 protein
ab55210 Recombinant Human Apolipoprotein E
ab43041 Recombinant Cytomegalovirus pp65 protein
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