Proteins and peptides

Verified proteins & peptides for popular targets

We have an extensive range of proteins and peptides including cytokines, growth factors, signaling proteins, viral and bacterial antigens, human immunoglobulins and more. Guaranteed high quality and purity, they are validated in popular applications and verified by you through reviews and high impact factor publications.


Premium bioactive proteins

View our latest highest grade proteins specifically designed to provide consistency within your cell culture experiments.

High quality cytokines

Browse our extensive range of high quality guaranteed cytokines, chemokines and growth factors.

Animal free proteins

Reduce experimental variables associated with animal or mammalian pathogens by using proteins produced in animal free conditions.

Biologically active proteins

View our range of fully validated biologically active proteins.

Immunoglobin proteins

View our popular Immunoglobulin proteins including native and recombinant in multiple species of origin.

Cytokine network poster

Explore the cytokine network and find key products to support your research with our interactive poster.


Proteomics tools


InstantBlue® Coomassie Protein Stain (ISB1L) (ab119211)

Stain in 15 minutes or less with our ready-to-use Coomassie blue.

Protein purification beads

High-performance resins for protein/antibody purification and immunoprecipitation.

Conjugation kits

Do it your way with quick & easy-to-use conjugation kits for over 45 labels.

Electrophoresis for western blot

Our electrophoresis protocol includes the preparation of PAGE gels and loading controls.

Protein ladders

Choose between stained and unstained protein ladders with our guide.

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