Cell lines and lysates

Our portfolio of cell lines and lysates includes CRISPR knock-outs, iPSC-derived neurons, along with standard cell lysates from a range of species and immortalized cell lines, and both healthy and diseased  tissue lysates. All our cell lines and lysates are validated in key applications and verified through abreviews by you.


Knock-out cell lines

​​Engineered and ready for you, find reliable, off-the-shelf, single-gene knock-outs in a number of immortalized cell backgrounds. 

Knock-out cell lysates 

Discover our range of knock-out cell lysates and get quick and simple solutions for your validation studies. 

Knock-out cell line publications 

Read CRISPR knock-out cell line publications demonstrating the use of these CRISPR cell lines for a range of targets and applications.​

Knock-out cell line or lysate selection tool

Easily find out if you need a knock-out cell line or lysate to answer your research question. 

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