H2O2 Generator

Gas generator for the biodecontamination  of surfaces using vaporized H2O2

The use of H2O2 is fast, validatable, non-toxic and as regards to residue-free Bio-decontamination method used in the laboratory not rated as being carcinogenic or toxic to the environment. After a Catalytic exhaust being completed only water and oxygen remain as residue products

Compact, small and easy to use system for the generation of  H2O2 gas for surface decontamination and sterilisation in applications such as:     

- isolators

- freeze dryer compartments

- pass-throughs

- cabinets 

- rooms. 


The decontamination result can be checked and proven with biological indicators using a 3-log, 4-log, 5-log or 6-log spore reduction. The effectiness of H2O2-gas against microorganisms and their spores has been tested exceedingly.

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