Molecular Devices -3D Biology

Unlock the full potential of 3D biology

Pioneering a new future of drug discovery rooted in 3D biology will empower researchers to personalize therapies, reduce a medicine’s time to market, and enhance quality of life for patients around the world.

Molecular Devices has been a life sciences industry leader for 40 years. We believe in the revolutionary promise of 3D cell models to advance next generation drug discovery. Whether you’re making the transition from 2D to 3D cell culture for the first time, scaling your organoid development program, or integrating a fully-automated screening workflow, we’re here to help.

Our robust portfolio of end-to-end high-throughput solutions, user-friendly AI-powered data analysis, and committed 3D biotechnology investments, will support you in overcoming all your 3D biology challenges, starting with:


*NEW*™ Automated Cell Culture System

An AI-driven cell culture innovation hub that automates processes, improves workflows, and makes assays more reliable and reproducible with machine learning-assisted monitoring, feeding, imaging and scheduling.


3D Ready™ Organoid Expansion Service

Quality-controlled organoids are manufactured at scale for high-throughput screening, leveraging proprietary bioreactor and bioprocess technology to produce reliable and predictive PDOs.

tissue development

Automated 3D Bioprinting Platform for High-content Screening

Scale in-house organoid and 3D tissue development with an automated bioprinter, high content imager, and AI-powered analysis software.

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