ABS & ABS Plus

The SpectraMax ABS/ABS Plus Microplate Readers

provide fast absorbance detection without the use of filters with monochromator-based wavelength selection for visible and UV-visible absorbance.

Our absorbance plate readers feature our PathCheck Sensor technology and industry-leading SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. They can be combined with our StakMax® Microplate Stacker and can be easily integrated with leading partner robotic systems.


  SpectraMax ABS Microplate Reader SpectraMax ABS Plus Microplate Reader
  Fast absorbance detection without the use of filters for 96-well plates Fast UV-visible absorbance detection without the use of filters, using cuvettes, 96- and 384-well microplates
WAVELENGTH RANGES 340 - 850 nm 190 - 1000 nm
MICROPLATE TYPES 96 well plates 96 and 384 well plates
READING SPEED 96 wells: 9 seconds

96 wells: 5 seconds

384-Well: 16 seconds

PHOTOMETRIC ACCURACY ≤ ±0.006 OD ±1.0%, 0–3 OD

Microplate: < ±0.006 OD ±1.0%, 0-3 OD

Cuvette: < ±0.005 OD ±1.0%, 0-3 OD**

SHAKING Linear Linear


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