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Cancer Research





List below are our popular non-recombinant primary antibodies 

Ab ID Product Name
ab290 Anti-GFP antibody
ab15580 Anti-Ki67 antibody
ab18184 Anti-6X His tag® antibody [HIS.H8]
ab13970 Anti-GFP antibody
ab5392 Anti-MAP2 antibody
ab6326 Anti-BrdU antibody [BU1/75 (ICR1)] - Proliferation Marker
ab64693 Anti-Mannose Receptor antibody
ab8245 Anti-GAPDH antibody [6C5] - Loading Control
ab5694 Anti-alpha smooth muscle Actin antibody
ab7817 Anti-alpha smooth muscle Actin antibody [1A4]
ab272504 Anti-SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein antibody - Coronavirus
ab1791 Anti-Histone H3 antibody - Nuclear Marker and ChIP Grade
ab1187 HRP Anti-6X His tag® antibody
ab7260 Anti-GFAP antibody
ab16048 Anti-Lamin B1 antibody - Nuclear Envelope Marker
ab8227 Anti-beta Actin antibody
ab6586 Anti-Collagen IV antibody
ab8226 Anti-beta Actin antibody [mAbcam 8226] - Loading Control
ab9110 Anti-HA tag antibody - ChIP Grade
ab5103 Anti-Histone H3 (citrulline R2 + R8 + R17) antibody
ab190289 Anti-c-Fos antibody - BSA free
ab18207 Anti-beta III Tubulin antibody - Neuronal Marker
ab34710 Anti-Collagen I antibody
ab4729 Anti-Histone H3 (acetyl K27) antibody - ChIP Grade
ab6640 Anti-F4/80 antibody [CI:A3-1] - Macrophage Marker
ab4674 Anti-GFAP antibody
ab19483 Anti-Protein A antibody
ab16669 Anti-CD3 antibody [SP7]
ab2413 Anti-Fibronectin antibody
ab9498 Anti-CD31 antibody [JC/70A]
ab5076 Anti-Iba1 antibody
ab34712 Anti-Collagen II antibody
ab18723 Anti-Doublecortin antibody
ab18465 Anti-Ctip2 antibody [25B6]
ab10983 Anti-UCP1 antibody
ab9485 Anti-GAPDH antibody - Loading Control
ab8580 Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K4) antibody - ChIP Grade
ab28364 Anti-CD31 antibody
ab8295 Anti-Cardiac Troponin T antibody [1C11]
ab56416 Anti-SQSTM1 / p62 antibody [2C11] - BSA and Azide free
ab125212 Anti-CD68 antibody
ab8898 Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K9) antibody - ChIP Grade
ab78078 Anti-beta III Tubulin antibody [2G10] - Neuronal Marker
ab11575 Anti-Laminin antibody
ab6276 Anti-beta Actin antibody [AC-15]
ab9722 Anti-IL-1 beta antibody
ab6556 Anti-GFP antibody
ab18596 HRP Anti-Protein A antibody
ab9108 Anti-6X His tag® antibody
ab97959 Anti-SOX2 antibody
ab7778 Anti-Collagen III antibody
ab28481 Anti-SREBP1 antibody
ab104224 Anti-NeuN antibody [1B7] - Neuronal Marker
ab46545 Anti-4 Hydroxynonenal antibody
ab66768 Anti-C5b-9 + C5b-8 antibody [aE11]
ab24170 Anti-LAMP1 antibody - Lysosome Marker
ab6002 Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K27) antibody [mAbcam 6002] - ChIP Grade
ab167453 Anti-mCherry antibody
ab6994 Anti-Von Willebrand Factor antibody
ab48506 Anti-4 Hydroxynonenal antibody [HNEJ-2]
ab137550 Anti-Nrf2 antibody
ab208942 Anti-c-Fos antibody [2H2]
ab16502 Anti-NF-kB p65 antibody
ab32454 Anti-MAP2 antibody - Neuronal Marker
ab52587 Anti-PD1 antibody [NAT105]
ab31940 Anti-TBR1 antibody
ab9106 Anti-Myc tag antibody
ab191838 Anti-PGC1 alpha antibody - N-terminal
ab7291 Anti-alpha Tubulin antibody [DM1A] - Loading Control
ab33168 Anti-VE Cadherin antibody - Intercellular Junction Marker
ab10558 Anti-CD45 antibody
ab48394 Anti-LC3B antibody - Autophagosome Marker
ab79056 Anti-IL-17A antibody
ab11089 Anti-CD3 antibody [CD3-12]
ab39012 Anti-MMP13 antibody
ab14748 Anti-ATP5A antibody [15H4C4] - Mitochondrial Marker
ab25630 Anti-LAMP1 antibody [H4A3]
ab76442 Anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody
ab11174 Anti-gamma H2A.X (phospho S139) antibody
ab18251 Anti-alpha Tubulin antibody - Microtubule Marker
ab2893 Anti-gamma H2A.X (phospho S139) antibody
ab24590 Anti-CD31 antibody [P2B1]
ab231303 Anti-E Cadherin antibody [4A2]
ab104225 Anti-NeuN antibody - Neuronal Marker
ab18258 Anti-PSD95 antibody - Synaptic Marker
ab32 Anti-Myc tag antibody [9E10]
ab1793 Anti-TNF alpha antibody [52B83]
ab54481 Anti-PGC1 alpha + beta antibody - BSA and Azide free
ab22595 Anti-Calnexin antibody - ER Marker
ab125096 Anti-mCherry antibody [1C51]
ab11370 Anti-Connexin 43 / GJA1 antibody - Intercellular Junction Marker
ab93876 Anti-Osteocalcin antibody
ab191181 Anti-Human Nuclear Antigen antibody [235-1]
ab216880 Anti-ZO1 tight junction protein antibody
ab46154 Anti-VEGFA antibody
ab21286 Anti-Collagen I antibody
ab26350 Anti-gamma H2A.X (phospho S139) antibody [9F3]
ab56783 Anti-TOMM20 antibody [4F3] - BSA and Azide free
ab6308 Anti-Collagen I antibody [COL-1]
ab6673 Anti-GFP antibody
ab14714 Anti-SDHB antibody [21A11AE7]
ab14734 Anti-VDAC1/Porin + VDAC3 antibody [20B12AF2]
ab21685 Anti-GRP78 BiP antibody
ab128568 Anti-CPT1A antibody [8F6AE9]
ab18181 Anti-HA tag antibody [HA.C5]
ab110304 Anti-SIRT1 antibody [19A7AB4]
ab62341 Anti-RFP antibody
ab1220 Anti-Histone H3 (di methyl K9) antibody [mAbcam 1220] - ChIP Grade
ab8895 Anti-Histone H3 (mono methyl K4) antibody - ChIP Grade
ab2739 Anti-O-Linked N-Acetylglucosamine antibody [RL2]
ab6046 Anti-beta Tubulin antibody - Loading Control
ab29 Anti-PCNA antibody [PC10]
ab8978 Anti-Vimentin antibody [RV202] - Cytoskeleton Marker
ab68672 Anti-Neutrophil Elastase antibody
ab15348 Anti-ACE2 antibody
ab14106 Anti-TAGLN/Transgelin antibody
ab205402 Anti-mCherry antibody
ab18256 Anti-HMGB1 antibody
ab48508 Anti-8-Hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine antibody [N45.1]
ab49900 HRP Anti-beta Actin antibody [AC-15]
ab128193 Anti-Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein antibody [C43]
ab14917 Anti-LYVE1 antibody - BSA and Azide free
ab53554 Anti-GFAP antibody
ab23345 Anti-TBR2 / Eomes antibody
ab77924 Anti-Parkin antibody [PRK8]
ab18259 Anti-FOXG1 antibody
ab137346 Anti-Sarcomeric Alpha Actinin antibody
ab171870 Rabbit IgG, polyclonal - Isotype Control (ChIP Grade)
ab70328 Anti-HLA Class 1 ABC antibody [EMR8-5]
ab71916 Anti-EpCAM antibody
ab191468 Anti-CRISPR-Cas9 antibody [7A9-3A3]
ab18203 Anti-N Cadherin antibody - Intercellular Junction Marker
ab1 Anti-HIF-1 alpha antibody [H1alpha67]
ab15277 Anti-Dystrophin antibody
ab6160 Anti-Tubulin antibody [YL1/2] - Loading Control
ab90716 Anti-Prosurfactant Protein C antibody
ab6992 Anti-CTGF antibody
ab112 Anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody - Neuronal Marker
ab14715 Anti-SDHA antibody [2E3GC12FB2AE2]
ab81887 Anti-CGRP antibody [4901]
ab7800 Anti-Cytokeratin 14 antibody [LL002]
ab15895 Anti-VDAC1/Porin antibody - Mitochondrial Loading Control
ab4448 Anti-Pericentrin antibody - Centrosome Marker
ab45932 Anti-Cardiac Troponin T antibody
ab1218 Anti-GFP antibody [9F9.F9]
ab51502 Anti-SATB1 + SATB2 antibody [SATBA4B10] - C-terminal
ab13524 Anti-LAMP2 antibody [GL2A7]
ab9050 Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K36) antibody - ChIP Grade
ab40390 Anti-Myelin Basic Protein antibody
ab26 Anti-p53 antibody [PAb 240]
ab27671 Anti-V5 tag antibody [SV5-Pk1]
ab27156 Anti-ds DNA antibody [35I9 DNA] - BSA and Azide free
ab6658 Biotin Anti-GFP antibody
ab9332 Anti-Phosphoserine antibody
ab14730 Anti-ATPB antibody [3D5] - Mitochondrial Marker
ab992 Anti-Rad21 antibody
ab10805 Anti-5-methylcytosine (5-mC) antibody [33D3]
ab54210 Anti-CDKN2A/p16INK4a antibody [2D9A12]
ab24525 Anti-Vimentin antibody
ab91506 Anti-Fast Myosin Skeletal Heavy chain antibody
ab31704 Anti-DCAMKL1 antibody
ab184674 Anti-Alpha-synuclein (phospho S129) antibody [P-syn/81A]
ab2907 Anti-Calreticulin antibody - ER Marker
ab37415 Rabbit IgG, polyclonal - Isotype Control
ab5131 Anti-RNA polymerase II CTD repeat YSPTSPS (phospho S5) antibody
ab151230 Anti-N6-methyladenosine (m6A) antibody
ab13840 Anti-DDX4 / MVH antibody
ab15200 Anti-Desmin antibody - Cytoskeleton Marker
ab18528 Anti-LAMP2A antibody - Lysosome Marker
ab4680 Anti-Neurofilament heavy polypeptide antibody
ab5095 Anti-RNA polymerase II CTD repeat YSPTSPS (phospho S2) antibody
ab11826 Anti-SC35 antibody [SC-35] - Nuclear Speckle Marker
ab92824 Anti-Mitochondria antibody [113-1] - BSA and Azide free
ab9465 Anti-Sarcomeric Alpha Actinin antibody [EA-53]
ab5450 Anti-GFP antibody
ab7671 Anti-alpha 1 Sodium Potassium ATPase antibody [464.6]
ab735 Anti-p63 antibody [4A4]
ab25377 Anti-Ly6g + Ly6c antibody [RB6-8C5]
ab11419 Anti-DDIT3 antibody [9C8]
ab58724 Anti-Lipoic Acid antibody
ab3201 Anti-MiTF antibody [D5]
ab23472 Anti-GLP-1 antibody [4F3]
ab11427 Anti-Parvalbumin antibody
ab92434 Anti-MAP2 antibody
ab16794 Anti-APC antibody [CC-1]
ab36001 Anti-CGRP antibody
ab188566 Anti-MNDA antibody [253A]
ab170190 Mouse IgG1, kappa monoclonal [15-6E10A7] - Isotype Control
ab7856 Anti-HLA DR + DP + DQ antibody [CR3/43]
ab90543 Anti-EBNA2 antibody [PE2]
ab6982 Anti-Adenovirus Type 5 antibody
ab27591 Anti-DDX4 / MVH antibody [mAbcam27591]
ab17722 Anti-FMRP antibody
ab110329 Anti-Mitofilin antibody [2E4AD5] - Mitochondrial Marker
ab94806 Anti-Respiratory Syncytial Virus Nucleoprotein antibody [RSV1C3]
ab11576 Anti-Laminin 2 alpha antibody [4H8-2]
ab3863 FITC Anti-VSV-G tag antibody
ab6662 FITC Anti-GFP antibody
ab110328 Anti-Frataxin antibody [18A5DB1]
ab7428 Anti-Adenovirus antibody [B025 / AD51]
ab7637 HRP Anti-Bovine Serum Albumin antibody
ab16659 Anti-Synaptophysin antibody [SP11]
ab9399 Anti-alpha 1 Antitrypsin antibody [B9]
ab238624 Anti-Ki67 antibody [SP6]
ab27093 Anti-CD20 antibody
ab55811 Anti-C5b-9 antibody
ab238626 Anti-Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody [SP1]
ab195364 Anti-SOX10 antibody [BC34]
ab139177 Anti-IL-7 antibody [B-N18] - BSA and Azide free
ab172731 Anti-p40 - DeltaNp63 antibody [BC28]
ab238631 Anti-CD5 antibody [SP19]

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