Advancelab is a design & build company, inaugurated in Singapore in 2003.

The company provides reliable solutions to complex construction challenges taking fresh creative approaches. We have positioned ourselves as the premier facility solution provider for the scientific industry spanning small-scale renovations to multi-million dollar projects.

Having taken our brand of expertise globally, in addition to consultancy, Advancelab also manufactures & exports laboratory furniture and fume-handling equipment.

Advancelab has a strong commitment to delivering a leading customer experience and developing long-term relationships. The company has offices throughout South East Asia and has a distributor network and customer base spread over 30 countries in all continents.


  • island bench.jpg
    Wall Bench Module Island Bench Module C Frame Wall Bench H Frame Wall Bench

  • newj-web3.png
    Sturdy Flexible Heavy Duty Reliable

  • w-urbano-yellow.png
    New! URBANO series Laboratory Benches from Advancelab Flexibible Progressive Modern Innovative Dynamic Modular Practical

  • fume hood.jpg
    General Fume Hood features Double layered design Aerodynamic front fascia Industrial grade galvanised steel construction Heavy epoxy powder coated finish to withstand harsh labora...

  • Ductless.jpg
    Ductless Fume Hood features Robust build Aerodynamic front fascia Industrial grade electrogalvanised steel construction Heavy epoxy powder coated finish to withstand harsh laborat...

  • safety storage.jpg
    Safety Storage Cabinet features Constructed from industrial grade electro-galvanised steel 18 gauge for strength and durability Epoxy powder coated to meet harsh industrial/labora...

  • hung cabinet.png

  • Balance Table.jpg
    AdvanceLab's balance tables provides superior stability for highly calibrated equipment. Two thickness of table top, 20mm and 60mm Fabricated with 75mm x 75mm epoxy powder coating...

  • sink.jpg

  • PCR cabinet.jpg
    PCR CabinetA box that gives you an ideal space for sample preparation. UV light can be used to deactive DNA and / or RNA between experiments. UV light with timer Foldable front co...

  • LAF.jpg
    Laminar Flow Cabinet features: Industrial grade electrogalvanised steel construction with epoxy powder coated finish Imported HEPA filters with intergral face-guards for protectio...

  • Clean booth.jpg
    Constructed with steel tubular sections with heavy epoxy powder coating or option of aluminium profile Walls are available in hard acrylic panels or soft anti-static strip vinyl cu...

  • passbox.jpg

  • epoxy-resin (1).png

  • 22549952_1884019541623175_4628740653358338421_n.jpg
    รับเหมาปรับปรุง ต่อเติม จัดสร้างห้องปฏิบัติการของท่านแบบครบวงจร โทรสายด่วน 0817027311 เพื่อนัดหมายเข้าดูหน้างานและประเมินราคา ห้องเดิม ดำเนินการปรับปรุง เสร็จแล้ว แล็ปที่ทีมงาน...
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