Small Equipment

Mini Centrifuge
Mini Centrifuges are ideal for quick spin downs and microfiltration

EGM-206Thermomixer can conduct thermo-incubation and vortex mixing experiments simultaneously or independently. It has instantaneous mixing function and can achieve good mixing and incubation effects. Experiment operation is simple and flexible and experiment time can be saved. EGM-206 Thermomixer is the optimal routine apparatus for incubation, mixing and other sample preparation tasks in biological laboratory.


Mini Microtiter Plate Centrifuge is an instantaneous centrifuger that is specially designed for microtiter plate and used to detach wall liquid. It is applicable to 96-hole or 384-hole or other small-capacity microtiter plates or PCR microtiter plates of various types with or without skirt

312 nm UV Transilluminator
are ideal for EtBr Gel imaging. Available in 2 sizes 10 x 15cm and 20 x 20 cm imaging area


Item No. Description Color Packing
E610328-B Mini Centrifuges ,220V Blue  
EG 3200 TE(peltier) cooling PCR thermocycler   SET
EG 9600 TE(Peltier) cooling PCR thermocycler 96well   SET
EG9700 TE(Peltier) cooling PCR thermocycler 96well   SET
UV-1 Mini UV Table , 15x10 cm   SET
UV-2 Mini UV Table , 20x20 cm   SET
BLOCK-384 EG9600  BLOCK 384WELL   EA
EGM-207-1.5 Thermostat Incubater ( block 1.5ml )   SET
EGM-206 ThermoMixer   SET
EG-0201 Microtiter Plate Centrifuge   SET

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