miRNAscope Assay

Introducing the highly specific and sensitive miRNAscope™ Assay to detect small RNAs with spatial and morphological context at single-cell resolution.  Leveraging ACD’s RNAscope™ core technology, the miRNAscope assay is designed to enable applications for small RNAs including the detection of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs), microRNAs (miRNAs), small interfering RNAs (siRNAs), and other smaller RNAs that are 17-50 bases.

• Detect and identify cellular subtypes

• Visualize gene regulation with morphological context

• Validate miRNA biomarkers in intact tissues

• Assess small RNA therapeutic delivery mechanism

• Evaluate biodistribution and efficacy of therapy

• Add a visual dimension to heterogeneous tissue biology and analysis


The miRNAscope™ HD Assay Workflow Requires the following:

  • miRNAscope™ Target Probes (Catalog or Made-to-Order S1 Probes,  not compatible with the RNAscope™ or BaseScope™ Assays)
  • miRNAscope™ Positive Control Probe (Cat. No. 727871-S1)
  • miRNAscope™ Negative Control Probe (Cat. No. 727881-S1)
  • miRNAscope™ HD Reagent Kit - RED (Cat. No. 324500) (Includes Pretreatment Kit, Detection kit, and wash buffer)
  • ImmEdge Hydrophobic Barrier Pen (Cat. No. 310018)
  • HybEZ™ Hybridization System

If using miRNAscope™ HD Assay for the first time, our Intro Packs include the universal positive and negative control probes, the Reagent Kit, the control cell pellets (Human or Mouse), the ImmEdge hydrophobic barrier pen, and the Vectamount mounting media.  Be sure to order your specific miRNAscope™ target probes separately.

  • miRNAscope™ Intro Pack HD Reagent Kit RED – Hsa (Cat. No. 324530)
  • miRNAscope™ Intro Pack HD Reagent Kit RED – Mmu (Cat. No. 324531)




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