A simple single-cell dispenser for proof of monoclonality

The DispenCell™ Single-Cell Dispenser is an automated laboratory instrument designed for fast, easy and gentle single-cell isolation. DispenCell integrates seamlessly into your laboratory workflow, with a plug-and-play approach. Flexible and effortless, DispenCell operates equally under sterile conditions in a culture hood, or on a simple benchtop.

The DispenCell Single-Cell Dispenser utilizes advanced microfluidics technology to accurately control the dispensing of individual cells. The tool can effectively detect, size, and dispense particles down to the single-particle resolution based on impedance change that depends on particle volume. It can accommodate a wide range of cell sizes and types, allowing researchers to adjust parameters such as cell concentration and dispensing volume at a gentle pressure of less than 0.2 psi to achieve the desired cell density and distribution.

General specifications

Power Supply External, PSGE120-12-01, 12v, 10A, 120W
Plate holder 2 plates (96 or 384 wells)
Minimal cell number 100 cells
Calibration Not required
Cleaning Not required
Sample prep. 10 min
Cell parameters Size, doublets
Input voltage (External power supply) 100 - 240 V~, 50 - 60 Hz
Input current (External power supply) max 2.0 A
Input voltage (Instrument) 12.0 V
Max. power (Instrument) 36 w
Well plates compatibility 96 WP, 200µL, (655101, Greiner) 384 WP, 50µL, (781101, Greiner) 384 WP low volume, 10µL, (788096, Greiner)
Loading volume per 30s load. time @2x10^⁴ cells/mL : 10µL, 200 cells
Particle range detection capability Dielectric, from 8µm to 25µm
Time to dispense a 96 well plate <= 10 min (provided Tcc < 4s) <= 13 min (provided Tcc < 6s)
Time to dispense a 384 well plate <= 40 min (provided Tcc < 4s) <= 52 min (provided Tcc < 6s)
Monoclonality reliability* >=90%
Missed/Corrupted data points < 1% per plate (only accounted for point serie n>6)
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