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Electrochemiluminescence by 

Electrochemiluminescent labels generate light when stimulated by electricity in the appropriate chemical environment. This reaction is incorporated into our immunoassays to provide the light signal used to measure important proteins and other biomedical molecules.

How does electrochemiluminescence work?

ECL Diagram
  1. High binding carbon electrodes in the bottom of MULTI-ARRAY and MULTI-SPOT microplates allow for easy attachment of biological reagents (10X greater binding capacity than polystyrene).
  2. MSD assays use electrochemiluminescent labels that are conjugated to detection antibodies. The labels are called SULFO-TAG, and allow for ultra-sensitive detection.
  3. Electricity is applied to the plate electrodes by an MSD instrument leading to light emission by SULFO-TAG labels. Light intensity is then measured to quantify analytes in the sample.
Advantages of Electrochemiluminescence:
  • High sensitivity: Multiple excitation cycles can amplify signals to enhance light levels.
  • Broad dynamic range: The wide dynamic range of our detection systems means high and low expression levels can be measured without multiple sample dilutions.
  • Low background: The stimulation method (electricity) is decoupled from the signal (light) allowing only labels near the electrode surface to be detected.
  • Easy to use: Immunoassay method similar to conventional ELISA, but quicker.
  • Great flexibility: Labels are stable, non-radioactive, and conveniently conjugated to biological molecules.
  • Unsurpassed performance and quality: Electrochemiluminescence is a highly successful detection system that achieves clinical quality data in a variety of sample types, including cell supernatant, serum, plasma, and whole blood.

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