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Primerdesign is a privately held limited company focused on the design, manufacture, validation and supply of real-time PCR kits and reagents.  The company was founded by Rob, Tom and Jim in 2005 within Southampton University's School of Medicine.  Since that humble beginning the company has gone from strength to strength – Thousands of customers in over 100 countries around the World and fantastic reputation in the field. Jim and Rob still run the company and still love the new challenges that it brings every day. Primerdesign now consists of a substantial team of friendly experts, all dedicated to giving our customers a fantastic experience and all thriving in a highly professional environment.

qPCR test kits for Veterinary & Agricultural Pathogens

qPCR test kits for Food & Water

qPCR test kits for Biothreat

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    Genesig q16 Real-Time PCR Instrument The Worlds Most Affordable qPCR Machine Product features Exceptional value for money Incredibly easy to use Automated data analysis Robust, be...

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    genesig q32 Real-Time PCR Instrument Providing Fast Results with genesig Kits Product features Guaranteed results using 550 genesig kits Fast DNA and RNA analysis in less than 60 ...

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    Avian Acinetobacter baumannii African Trypanosomiasis Aspergillus fumigatus Avian adenovirus( Egg Drop Syndrome) AvianInfectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) Avian InfluenzaA Virus Subt...

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    Allergens Macadamia: Macadamia integrifolia Cashew: Anacardium occidentale Pistachio: Pistacia vera Hazelnut: Corylus avellana Almond: Prunus dulcis Walnut: Juglans regia Celery: ...

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    Bacillus anthracis Burkholderia mallei Burkholderia pseudomallei Chlamydophil apsittaci Clostridium perfringensspecies Coxiella burnetii Cryptosporidium Escherichia coli 0157:H7 Fr...
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