Neuropathology Panels

Perform comprehensive multiplex gene expression analysis with 770 genes included in six fundamental themes of neurodegeneration: neurotransmission, neuron-glia interaction, neuroplasticity, cell structure integrity, neuroinflammation and metabolism.

  • Developed for research of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Frontotemporal Dementia, Huntington’s Disease and other neurological disorders
  • Includes unique cell typing feature for measuring the abundance of five important cell types including neurons, astrocytes, microglia, oligodendrocytes and endothelial cells
  • Customizable with up to 30 additional user-defined genes with Panel Plus option

Download gene lists:


Cell Press Selections

Read "Pathological Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration" in the Cell Press Supplement.

Genes included in the Neuropathology Panels provide unique cell profiling data for measuring the abundance1 of five important cell types including neurons, astrocytes, microglia, oligodendrocytes and endothelial cells. The table below summarizes each cell type represented in the panels along with the gene content qualified through current literature references.

Cell TypeCell DescriptionAssociated Human GenesAssociated Mouse Genes



Neuronal cell death and loss of function is a key driver of neurodegeneration. DLX1, DLX2, GRM2, ISLR2, SLC17A6, TBR1 Dix1, Dix2, Grm2, Isir2, Sic17a6, Tbr1



Astrocytes represent the most numerous and diverse glial cells in the brain, responsible for a wide variety of homeostatic functions including modulation of synaptic function, network regulation, energy metabolism, neurotransmitter synthesis, among others. The loss of normal homeostatic functions and gain of toxic functions is implicated in the onset and progression of neurodegeneration. ALDH1L1, EGFR, ENTPD2, GDPD2, ITGA7, KIAA1161, NWD1, SOX9 Aldh1l1, Egfr, Entpd2, Gdpd2, Itga7, Al464131, Nwd1, Sox9



Microglia represent a CNS resident myeloid cell population ontologically distinct from peripheral macrophages/monocytes. Microglia act to maintain brain homeostasis, contribute to neuroplasticity, and serve as a first line of innate immune defense in the brain. Their activation may serve as an early indicator of pathology, while chronic microglia activation or dysfunction may contribute to disease pathogenesis. GPR84, IRF8, LRRC25, NCF1, TLR2, TNF, AIF1, TMEM119, ITGAM, CX3CR1, P2RY12, SPI1 Gpr84, Irf8, Lrrc25, Ncf1, Tlr2, Aif1, Tmem119, Itgam, Cx3cr1, P2ry12, Spi1



Oligodendrocytes are highly specialized glial cells that synthesize myelin to ensheath axons of the central nervous system. Injury to or loss of oligodendrocyte function puts neuronal network function and survival at risk. Oligondendrocyte injury and death and axonal demyelination are hallmarks of some devastating neurological diseases. BCAS1, ERBB3, FA2H, GAL3ST1, GJB1, GSN, MYRF, NINJ2, PLLP, PLXNB3, PRKCQ, SOX10, UGT8 Bcas1, Erbb3, Fa2h, Gal3st1, Gjb1, Gsn, Myrf, Ninj2, Pllp, Plxnb3, Prkcq, Sox10, Ugt8a


Endothelial Cells

Endothelial cells form the blood-brain barrier and play a critical role in protecting the central nervous system from dangerous pathogens. Endothelial cells are equipped with a defense system against oxidative stress and their dysfunction can release inflammatory and neurotoxic agents in the CNS. CLDN5, EMCN, ESAM, FLT1, ICAM2, LSR, MYCT1, NOSTRIN, TIE1 Cldn5, Emcn, Esam, Flt1, Icam2, Lsr, Myct1, Nostrin, Tie1

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