vivaROCK Bioreactor Stystem

3D FloTrix® vivaROCK Bioreactor Stystem

Introducing the 3D FloTrix® vivaROCK Bioreactor System: Designed for high-quality scalable cultivation of cells in disposable culture bags. This system provides a gentle, low-shear, high-oxygen cell culture microenvironment, suitable for suspension cell culture, or couple with our 3D TableTrix® Microcarriers to comprehensively enhance quality and yield of adherent cells.

Sterile & Closed Single-Use System

◉ Utilizing pyrogen-free cell culture bags suitable for closed operation, eliminating cleaning and sterilization for contamination-free operation.

Non-invasive Agitation Mode

◉ Employing a wave-based non-invasive motion with low shear force for gentle yet efficient process. 

Precise, Convenient, Stable
◉ Integrated weighing sensor for accurate mass measurement.

Options Available to Meet Every Need
◉ Various types of culture bags available, ranging from most basic bags for a quick start to bags with sensors for process monitoring, and even with perfusion if required. 

Fast and Flexible
◉ Suitable for scalable cultivation of various cell types.

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