Midori Green Advance

MIDORIGreen Advance

MIDORIGreen Advance is a safe alternative to the traditional nucleic acid stain ethidium bromide. It is a non-carcinogenic and less mutagenic dye for detecting dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA in agarose gels with a very high sensitivity. MIDORIGreen Advance can utilize with UV light or with our innovative Blue/Green LED technology.

The next generation of in-gel staining

MIDORIGreen Advance is a second-generation non-carcinogenic dye. Optimised for a brighter signal when excited by UV-light or blue/green light. It maintained the advantages, such as being non-carcinogenic and having an excellent noise-to-signal ratio. As seen in Fig. 1 MIDORIGreen Advance is even better than ethidium bromide when using the Blue/Green LED technology.

Fig. 1: Comparison of sensitivity between MIDORIGreen Advance (left green) and ethidium Bromide (right red) using a Blue/Green LED Transilluminator.

MIDORIGreen Advance shows a very high sensitivity even for small DNA fragments. The dilution factor of MIDORIGreen Advance can be as high as 1:25000. Hence, 4-6 μl are enough for the staining of 100 ml agarose gel, resulting in ~17 to 25 liters of stained agarose gels. 

Proven safety

It is essential for a good replacement of the mutagenic DNA stain ethidium Bromide to deliver strong signals. MIDORIGreen Advance delivers signals with a comparable intensity. Nonetheless, the safety of the user must not be compromised. Hence, several tests were performed with MIDORIGreen Advance and according to those tests, MIDORIGreen Advance is safe.

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