Isolator by EuroBioConcept

Based in France (Paris), EuroBioConcept is a leading designer and manufacturer of isolators, RTP and BSC Class III for the pharmacies, pharmaceuticals industries and research centers.

EuroBioConcept is to be found all over the world, with distributors and partner companies in sales and service representing EuroBioConcept.

EuroBioConcept is an innovating company and our product development is completely ensured in-house by our engineers.

Full factory testing is your assurance of reliability. Each EuroBioConcept product is thoroughly inspected in our factory prior to shipment.

We work very closely with our customers to design barrier systems that meet their needs and all the regulatory requirements and facilitate their processes

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    InnoSafe : BSC Class IIII Application : Handling Biohazard materials level 3-4 Main features : Rigid construction, Negative pressure isolator, Glove ports design for safe glove c...

  • IMG_1557.JPG
    Sterisafe LAF : Isolator for aseptic process Application : For pilot scale, clinical trials aseptic filling process Main features : ISO5 positive pressure, Unidirectional airflow, ...

  • IMG_1403.jpg
    ChemoSafe : Isolator for safe Compounding Application : Chemotherapy compounding/sterile compounding Main features : Negative or positive pressure, Model with 2 or 4 sleeves, PLC a...

  • Poultry.jpg
    Application : For poultry or rodents Main features : Rigid wall or flexible film isolator, Negative or positive pressure isolator, Model with handling sleeves or half suit, Glove p...

  • ISOSTE_H+.jpg
    Gas generator for the biodecontamination of surfaces using vaporized H2O2 The use of H2O2 is fast, validatable, non-toxic and as regards to residue-free Bio-decontamination method...

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    Air-tight doors by EuroBiooncept One of major component of BSL-3 suite is air-tight door. The unit equipped with inflatable door gaskets and micro-processor controller. contact u...
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