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MULTI-ARRAY Technology

MULTI-ARRAY technology combines electrochemiluminescence and arrays to bring speed and high density of information to biological assays. In combination with MULTI-SPOT plates, this technology enables precise quantitation of multiple analytes in a single sample requiring less time and effort than other assay platforms.

MULTI-SPOT plates, which offer arrays within the well for increased throughput and assay multiplexing, are available in 96- and
384-well formats, with up to 10 spots per well.


Advantages of MULTI-ARRAY technology:
  • Conserves valuable samples by allowing multiple results from very low sample volumes
  • Achieves sensitivity and speed comparable to conventional single-analyte assays with excellent precision across a wide dynamic range
  • Enables the measurement of native levels of biomarkers in normal and diseased samples without multiple dilutions
Represenative Data
Representative data from clinical samples using MSD Human TH1/TH2 10-Plex Assay.


Assay Kits

Discover the right immunoassay for you.
Meso Scale Discovery biomarker assays provide a rapid and convenient method for measuring the levels of single or multiple targets within a single, small-volume sample. From easy-to-build personalized multiplex assays to high performance, validated assays, MSD has the right immunoassay product or service to meet all your immunoassay needs.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Matched antibody sets for building your own single or multiplex assay
Flexible, customized multiplex assays
Ready-to-use single and multiplex assay kits
Validated single and multiplex assay kits
Ultrasensitive singleplex and multiplex assay kits


Provides an expanding menu of emerging biomarkers with MSD MULTI-ARRAY performance

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Easily creates customized multiplex panels. Use MSD reagents or bring your own

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Analyzes protein levels from many sample types with a single assay. Improved analytical performance

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Provides confidence and reliability. Analytically validated with guaranteed performance specifications

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Measures proteins that are otherwise unmeasurable.

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Antibody set and calibrator

Component-based assays


Lot-matched kits

Lot-matched kits



General recommendations

Optimized groups

Compatible panels

Fixed validated panels

Fixed panel

Sample compatibility

Tested with serum and plasma

Serum, EDTA plasma, cell culture supernatants

Secreted biomarker assays tested with serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants; Intracellular assays tested with cell lysates

Serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants, urine; CSF for neurobiology products

Serum, EDTA Plasma, citrate plasma, heparin plasma, CSF, cell culture supernatants

Pre-coated plate









Complete kit


Component level QC


Final Kit QC



COA available


(for components)


(for components and kits)

(for kits)



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