Bio Basic

For over 15 years, Bio Basic has been synthesizing oligonucleotides for a variety of research applications. Our facilities are especially designed for large volume custom production, incorporating automation to ensure consistent production.

Purification methods include Desalted Purification, High Affinity Purification (HAP - our patented, novel purification method for custom oligos), PAGE, HPLC and HPLC-CE Purification.

Bio Basic also specializes in modified oligonucleotides with a diverse range of modifications available, including Linkers, Spacers, Quenchers, Fluorophores, Modified Bases, Phosphorylation, Probes and many more.

Our oligos are not only of the highest standard, but also the most affordable in the industry, especially for high purity and modifed oligos. This is because we manufacture the majority of our reagents and tools in-house.

Equipped with proprietary 384 synthesizers, these facilities contain a full production line for oligonucleotide and siRNA synthesis. In addition to DNA manufacturing, Bioneer processes recombinant proteins which are fermented and purified on proprietary purification systems. 

After a successful Initial Public Offering a few years ago, Bioneer Corporation launched Bioneer Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary. The American subsidiary is located in a 14,000 square foot production and distribution facility in Alameda, CA, the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The company is devoted to providing state of art solutions to the global community of life science researchers in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We have expertise in a wide range of areas.

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    Whenever you look for oligonucleotides, you often notice their pricing structure is based on a “scale” or “starting scale” in “nmol” quantity. This can be quite misleading as this ...

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    Sanger DNA Sequencing Through Sanger sequencing via capillary electrophoresis of fluorescent-labelled DNA-fragments, read lengths of up to 800bp (typically 500-600bp) are achieved....
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