GeoMx Digital Spatial Processor

GeoMxTM Digital Spatial Profiler
Your GPS for Biology

Morphological context and high-plex protein or RNA expression data – now possible from just one FFPE slide.

  • Quantify up to 96 proteins and over 1000 RNA targets with spatial context
  • Process 10-20 slides /day
  • Preserve precious samples with non-destructive processing

What is Digital Spatial Profiling?

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler is a novel platform developed by NanoString. Digital Spatial Profiling is based on the nCounter® barcoding technology that enables spatially resolved, digital characterization of proteins or mRNA in a highly multiplexed (up to 1,000-plex) assay. The assay relies upon antibody or RNA probes coupled to photocleavable oligonucleotide tags. After hybridization of probes to slide-mounted formalin fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections, the oligonucleotide tags are released from discrete regions of the tissue via UV exposure. Released tags are quantitated in a standard nCounter assay, and counts are mapped back to tissue location, yielding a spatially-resolved digital profile of analyte abundance.

The DSP Workflow


  1. Process: Apply high-plex oligo-labeled antibody cocktail + morphology markers
  2. View: Use visible wavelength low-plex imaging to establish tissue "geography." Select regions-of-interest (ROIs) for high-plex profiling
  3. Profile: UV-release oligo tags at selected ROIs
  4. Plate: Store released tags in microtiter plate, index, and hybridize to barcodes
  5. Digitally count up to 1 million data points per ROI
  6. Analyze the data with nSolver™Advanced Analysis Software
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