NEW JERSEY Laboratory Benches

  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Heavy Duty
  • Reliable

  • island bench.jpg
    Wall Bench Module Island Bench Module C Frame Wall Bench H Frame Wall Bench

  • w-urbano-yellow.png
    New! URBANO series Laboratory Benches from Advancelab Flexibible Progressive Modern Innovative Dynamic Modular Practical

  • fume hood.jpg
    General Fume Hood features Double layered design Aerodynamic front fascia Industrial grade galvanised steel construction Heavy epoxy powder coated finish to withstand harsh labora...

  • Ductless.jpg
    Ductless Fume Hood features Robust build Aerodynamic front fascia Industrial grade electrogalvanised steel construction Heavy epoxy powder coated finish to withstand harsh laborat...

  • safety storage.jpg
    Safety Storage Cabinet features Constructed from industrial grade electro-galvanised steel 18 gauge for strength and durability Epoxy powder coated to meet harsh industrial/labora...

  • hung cabinet.png

  • Balance Table.jpg
    AdvanceLab's balance tables provides superior stability for highly calibrated equipment. Two thickness of table top, 20mm and 60mm Fabricated with 75mm x 75mm epoxy powder coating...

  • sink.jpg

  • PCR cabinet.jpg
    PCR CabinetA box that gives you an ideal space for sample preparation. UV light can be used to deactive DNA and / or RNA between experiments. UV light with timer Foldable front co...

  • LAF.jpg
    Laminar Flow Cabinet features: Industrial grade electrogalvanised steel construction with epoxy powder coated finish Imported HEPA filters with intergral face-guards for protectio...

  • Clean booth.jpg
    Constructed with steel tubular sections with heavy epoxy powder coating or option of aluminium profile Walls are available in hard acrylic panels or soft anti-static strip vinyl cu...

  • passbox.jpg

  • epoxy-resin (1).png

  • 22549952_1884019541623175_4628740653358338421_n.jpg
    รับเหมาปรับปรุง ต่อเติม จัดสร้างห้องปฏิบัติการของท่านแบบครบวงจร โทรสายด่วน 0817027311 เพื่อนัดหมายเข้าดูหน้างานและประเมินราคา ห้องเดิม ดำเนินการปรับปรุง เสร็จแล้ว แล็ปที่ทีมงาน...

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