Division Life Sciences

Cutting-edge instruments and software for research and diagnostics.

  • Microarray Scanners
  • Cell & Tissue Fluorescence Scanner
  • Micro-contact Printer

  • InnoScan-and-Covid-19-1024x665.png
    InnoScan 1100 - 3-Color ultra-high resolution scannerMultiplexed whole-slide imaging0.5μm pixel size, equivalent to 20x microscope magnificationHigh sensitivity : high performance ...

  • innoscan-910.jpg
    InnoScan910 - 2-Color microarray scanner for High-Density arrays High resolution High quality resolution with 1μm/pixelSimultaneous 2-color confocal detectionIncreased sensi...

  • Galli-Scanner-MicroArray-Innopsys-Innoscan-Slide-AutoLoader-01-300x165.png
    InnoScan 710-IR - 2-Color near InfraRed microarray scanner Increased sensitivity NIR excitation lasers to avoid support backgroundSimultaneous confocal PMT detectionAll nitr...

  • innoscan710-1030x515.png
    InnoScan 710 - Two Color Microarray Scanner EASE OF USE, SPEED AND IMAGE QUALITY Characterised by its ease-of-use, speed and image quality, InnoScan 710 is the ideal tool for ro...

  • INNOSCAN-DUOGR-1024x724.png
    InnoScan 710-G & 710-R - 1-Color fluorescence microarray scanners Reliable results 3μm/pixel resolutionConfocal detection scanner equipped1 extremely sensitive photomultipli...
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