Rabbit monoclonals: Combining the high affinity of rabbit antibodies with the specificity of a monoclonal

The RabMAb® advantage

  • Diverse epitope recognition
  • Improved immune response to small-size epitopes
  • High specificity and affinity
  • Improved response to mouse antigens

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    We have 75,773 Primary antibodies delivery to your lab within 1 week highest quality - wet lab proven. (safe your time, valuable sample and other reagents) Backed by Abpromise (10...

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    Secondary antibodies(2,708 products) anti-Alligator (3) IgG(2)+Whole serum(1)+ anti-Bird (3) IgY(3)+ anti-Camel (1) Whole serum(1)+ anti-Cat (11) IgA(3)+IgG(5)+IgM(3)+ anti-Chi...

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    Advancing mitochondrial research and developing products that support critical research areas in cancer, neurodegeneration and metabolic disorders. Mitochondrial antibod...

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    Abcam offers a range of standard, novel and exclusive biochemicals. The range includes receptor ligands, and modulators of ion channels, enzymes and signaling - all at high purity ...
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