Rabbit monoclonals: Combining the high affinity of rabbit antibodies with the specificity of a monoclonal

Recombinant monoclonal antibodies are primary antibodies manufactured via cloning antibody-coding genes into high-yield expression vectors, subsequently introduced into expression hosts. This overcomes the limitations of other antibody manufacturing methods, such as genetic drift (in hybridoma production), which can lead to lot-to-lot variation. Abcam’s RabMAb® recombinant technology combines the antigen recognition of the rabbit immune system with the specificity of a monoclonal antibody.

Learn why RabMAb® technology:

  • Provides higher affinity and specificity compared to traditional antibodies
  • Often gives lower background signal compared to traditional antibodies
  • Provides diverse epitope recognition
  • Is ideal for studying mouse models
  • Is ideal for demanding applications like IHC on FFPE tissue

The RabMAb® advantage

  • Diverse epitope recognition
  • Improved immune response to small-size epitopes
  • High specificity and affinity
  • Improved response to mouse antigens

Ab ID Product Name
ab219650 Anti-PRAME antibody [EPR20330]
ab244784 Anti-Dkk3 antibody [EPR21736-265] - BSA and Azide free (Capture)
ab16667 Anti-Ki67 antibody [SP6]
ab32072 Anti-c-Myc antibody [Y69] - ChIP Grade
ab108319 Anti-BDNF antibody [EPR1292]
ab177487 Anti-NeuN antibody [EPR12763] - Neuronal Marker
ab51253 Anti-Alpha-synuclein (phospho S129) antibody [EP1536Y]
ab215715 Anti-TGF beta 1 antibody [EPR21143]
ab110641 Anti-BRG1 antibody [EPNCIR111A]
ab125066 Anti-Glutathione Peroxidase 4 antibody [EPNCIR144]
ab92547 Anti-Vimentin antibody [EPR3776] - Cytoskeleton Marker
ab182422 Anti-CD163 antibody [EPR19518]
ab178846 Anti-Iba1 antibody [EPR16588]
ab138492 Anti-Collagen I antibody [EPR7785]
ab172730 Rabbit IgG, monoclonal [EPR25A] - Isotype Control
ab52642 Anti-S100 beta antibody [EP1576Y] - Astrocyte Marker
ab40772 Anti-E Cadherin antibody [EP700Y] - Intercellular Junction Marker
ab181560 Anti-Pan Trk antibody [EPR17341]
ab183685 Anti-CD4 antibody [EPR19514]
ab228461 Anti-BRAF (mutated V600E) antibody [VE1]
ab32520 Anti-STAT6 antibody [YE361]
ab217344 Anti-CD8 alpha antibody [EPR21769]
ab20034 Anti-FOXP3 antibody [236A/E7]
ab124964 Anti-alpha smooth muscle Actin antibody [EPR5368]
ab133616 Anti-CD4 antibody [EPR6855]
ab209845 Anti-GSDMD antibody [EPR19828]
ab187091 Anti-MLKL (phospho S358) antibody [EPR9514]
ab52903 Anti-Smad3 (phospho S423 + S425) antibody [EP823Y]
ab92471 Anti-MSH6 antibody [EPR3945]
ab263899 Anti-NLRP3 antibody [EPR23094-1]
ab182981 Anti-CD31 antibody [EPR17259]
ab125011 Anti-TSG101 antibody [EPR7130(B)]
ab138501 Anti-Alpha-synuclein antibody [MJFR1]
ab52894 Anti-EGFR antibody [EP38Y]
ab275018 Exosome Panel (Calnexin, CD9, CD63, CD81, Hsp70, TSG101)
ab109186 Anti-Olig2 antibody [EPR2673]
ab281583 Anti-CD31 antibody [RM1006]
ab236630 Anti-CD9 antibody [EPR23105-121]
ab205921 Anti-PD-L1 antibody [28-8]
ab179483 Anti-HIF-1 alpha antibody [EPR16897]
ab185966 Anti-SOX9 antibody [EPR14335-78]
ab133357 Anti-CD11b antibody [EPR1344]
ab178945 Anti-iNOS antibody [EPR16635]
ab81289 Anti-CD34 antibody [EP373Y]
ab62352 Anti-Nrf2 antibody [EP1808Y] - ChIP Grade
ab134047 Anti-VCAM1 antibody [EPR5047]
ab134045 Anti-CD63 antibody [EPR5702] - Late Endosome Marker
ab207178 Anti-Fibroblast activation protein, alpha antibody [EPR20021]
ab208670 Anti-Myeloperoxidase antibody [EPR20257]
ab192890 Anti-LC3B antibody [EPR18709] - Autophagosome Marker
ab216327 Anti-Occludin antibody [EPR20992]
ab115730 Anti-Glucose Transporter GLUT1 antibody [EPR3915]
ab32572 Anti-beta Catenin antibody [E247] - ChIP Grade
ab192985 Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K27) antibody [EPR18607] - ChIP Grade
ab215191 Anti-DFNA5/GSDME antibody [EPR19859] - N-terminal
ab955 Anti-CD68 antibody [KP1]
ab133273 Anti-Androgen Receptor antibody [EPR1535(2)]
ab32127 Anti-Synaptophysin antibody [YE269]
ab227707 Anti-PAX8 antibody [SP348] - N-terminal
ab92446 Anti-SATB2 antibody [EPNCIR130A]
ab137872 Anti-LEF1 antibody [EPR2029Y]
ab89901 Anti-Wilms Tumor Protein antibody [CAN-R9(IHC)-56-2]
ab133534 Anti-Rad51 antibody [EPR4030(3)]
ab68428 Anti-GFAP antibody [EPR1034Y]
ab76003 Anti-MMP9 antibody [EP1254]
ab109012 Anti-SQSTM1 / p62 antibody [EPR4844] - Autophagosome Marker
ab270993 Anti-Collagen I antibody [EPR24331-53]
ab92513 Anti-ERG antibody [EPR3864]
ab203491 Anti-PDGFR alpha antibody [EPR22059-270]
ab109201 Anti-CD81 antibody [EPR4244]
ab209538 Anti-Alpha-synuclein aggregate antibody [MJFR-14-6-4-2] - Conformation-Specific
ab81299 Anti-gamma H2A.X (phospho S139) antibody [EP854(2)Y]
ab76020 Anti-Sodium Potassium ATPase antibody [EP1845Y] - Plasma Membrane Loading Control
ab129002 Anti-Vinculin antibody [EPR8185]
ab283654 Anti-CD68 antibody [EPR23917-164]
ab79823 Anti-HMGB1 antibody [EPR3507]
ab196436 Anti-MLKL (phospho S345) antibody [EPR9515(2)]
ab213524 Anti-PD-L1 antibody [EPR19759]
ab32503 Anti-Bax antibody [E63]
ab52625 Anti-Cytokeratin 19 antibody [EP1580Y] - Cytoskeleton Marker
ab124824 Anti-CXCR4 antibody [UMB2]
ab207327 Anti-Albumin antibody [EPR20195]
ab181602 Anti-GAPDH antibody [EPR16891] - Loading Control
ab52635 Anti-Cytokeratin 5 antibody [EP1601Y] - Cytoskeleton Marker
ab254360 Anti-IL-1 beta antibody [EPR23851-127]
ab283818 Anti-IL-1 beta antibody [RM1009]
ab300421 Anti-F4/80 antibody [EPR26545-166]
ab214039 Anti-Transferrin Receptor antibody [EPR20584]
ab209064 Anti-TMEM119 antibody [28-3] - Microglial marker
ab108349 Anti-CDKN2A/p16INK4a antibody [EPR1473] - C-terminal
ab7349 Anti-Myelin Basic Protein antibody [12]
ab182858 Anti-Bcl-2 antibody [EPR17509]
ab92494 Anti-SOX2 antibody [EPR3131]
ab108986 Anti-PGP9.5 antibody [EPR4118] - Neuronal Marker
ab283319 Anti-Iba1 antibody [EPR16589] – Mouse IgG1 (Chimeric)
ab32536 Anti-NF-kB p65 antibody [E379]
ab178847 Anti-Iba1 antibody [EPR16589]
ab179515 Anti-pro Caspase-1 + p10 + p12 antibody [EPR16883]
ab179800 Anti-COX2 / Cyclooxygenase 2 antibody [EPR12012]
ab260043 Anti-Collagen I antibody [EPR22894-89]
ab32136 Anti-Amyloid Precursor Protein antibody [Y188]
ab290735 Anti-IL-6 antibody [EPR23819-103]
ab124762 Anti-p63 antibody [EPR5701]
ab186735 Anti-TOMM20 antibody [EPR15581-54] - Mitochondrial Marker
ab222783 Anti-CD31 antibody [EPR17260-263]
ab32042 Anti-Cleaved Caspase-3 antibody [E83-77]
ab183218 Anti-TNF alpha antibody [EPR19147]
ab196159 Alexa Fluor® 647 Anti-Calreticulin antibody [EPR3924] - ER Marker
ab52649 Anti-GM130 antibody [EP892Y] - cis-Golgi Marker
ab205606 Anti-DDDDK tag (Binds to FLAG® tag sequence) antibody [EPR20018-251]
ab188224 Anti-p21 antibody [EPR18021]
ab211542 Anti-CDKN2A/p16INK4a antibody [EPR20418]
ab221547 Anti-ZO1 tight junction protein antibody [EPR19945-296]
ab215203 Anti-cleaved N-terminal GSDMD antibody [EPR20829-408]
ab92544 Anti-LRP1 antibody [EPR3724]
ab222699 Anti-c-Fos antibody [EPR21930-238]
ab109199 Anti-p21 antibody [EPR3993]
ab195352 Anti-METTL3 antibody [EPR18810]
ab76315 Anti-STAT3 (phospho Y705) antibody [EP2147Y]
ab40759 Anti-Smad4 antibody [EP618Y]
ab184993 Anti-Collagen III antibody [EPR17673]
ab272692 Anti-MUC2 antibody [EPR23479-47]
ab32570 Anti-PDGFR alpha + PDGFR beta antibody [Y92] - C-terminal
ab7753 Anti-pan Cytokeratin antibody [C-11]
ab219800 Anti-GSDMD antibody [EPR20859]
ab215206 Anti-FOXP3 antibody [EPR22102-37]
ab92516 Anti-Calreticulin antibody [EPR3924] - ER Marker
ab109520 Anti-p21 antibody [EPR362]
ab213480 Anti-PD-L1 antibody [EPR20529]
ab177178 Anti-Histone H3 (acetyl K27) antibody [EP16602] - ChIP Grade
ab181547 Anti-Insulin antibody [EPR17359]
ab76533 Anti-CD31 antibody [EPR3094]
ab137869 Anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody [EP1532Y] - Neuronal Marker
ab279653 Anti-Ki67 antibody [B56]
ab205270 Anti-active YAP1 antibody [EPR19812]
ab92536 Anti-MMP2 antibody [EPR1184]
ab16662 Anti-ErbB2 / HER2 antibody [SP3]
ab16663 Anti-Cyclin D1 antibody [SP4]
ab76541 Anti-CDX2 antibody [EPR2764Y]
ab14705 Anti-MTCO1 antibody [1D6E1A8]
ab184247 Anti-DRP1 antibody [EPR19274]
ab155279 Anti-SOX10 antibody [EPR4007]
ab140601 Anti-Ubiquitin (linkage-specific K48) antibody [EP8589]
ab135372 Anti-CD3 antibody [SP162]
ab128874 Anti-Brd4 antibody [EPR5150(2)]
ab76302 Anti-NF-kB p65 (phospho S536) antibody [EP2294Y]
ab222512 Anti-Claudin18.2 antibody [EPR19202]
ab200999 Anti-C3 antibody [EPR19394]
ab51608 Anti-HIF-1 alpha antibody [EP1215Y]
ab68153 Anti-STAT3 antibody [EPR787Y]
ab32101 Anti-JAK2 (phospho Y1007 + Y1008) antibody [E132]
ab75973 Anti-Ferritin antibody [EPR3004Y]
ab134152 Anti-Somatostatin Receptor 2 antibody [UMB1] - C-terminal
ab155282 Anti-FACL4 antibody [EPR8640]
ab184787 Anti-Caspase-3 antibody [EPR18297]
ab283655 Anti-iNOS antibody [RM1017]
ab213363 Anti-CD68 antibody [EPR20545]
ab108318 Anti-BRG1 antibody [EPR3912]
ab76493 Anti-IRF3 (phospho S386) antibody [EPR2346]
ab134175 Anti-Cyclin D1 antibody [EPR2241] - C-terminal
ab183734 Anti-GFP antibody [EPR14104]
ab213224 Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K4) antibody [EPR20551-225] - ChIP Grade
ab137132 Anti-PD1 antibody [EPR4877(2)]
ab133474 Anti-LRRK2 antibody [MJFF2 (c41-2)]
ab32063 Anti-Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody [E115] - ChIP Grade
ab131259 Anti-Claudin 5 antibody [EPR7583]
ab128936 Anti-Syndecan-1 antibody [EPR6454]
ab32157 Anti-EIF2S1 (phospho S51) antibody [E90]
ab268020 Anti-Fibronectin antibody [EPR23110-46]
ab134953 Anti-Ubiquitin antibody [EPR8830]
ab53444 Anti-CD68 antibody [FA-11]
ab176916 Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K9) antibody [EPR16601] - ChIP Grade
ab199093 Alexa Fluor® 647 Rabbit IgG, monoclonal [EPR25A] - Isotype Control
ab307601 Anti-xCT antibody [EPR27115-64]
ab214488 Anti-TROP2 antibody [EPR20043]
ab40763 Anti-CD45 antibody [EP322Y]
ab185924 Anti-Firefly Luciferase antibody [EPR17790]
ab208943 Anti-LAMP1 antibody [EPR21026]
ab300621 Anti-Mannose Receptor antibody [EPR25215-277]
ab16660 Anti-Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody [SP1]
ab281584 Anti-Histone H3 (citrulline R2 + R8 + R17) antibody [RM1001]
ab134182 Anti-ErbB2 / HER2 antibody [EP1045Y]
ab181724 Anti-CD4 antibody [EPR6855] - BSA and Azide free
ab183597 Anti-Apolipoprotein E antibody [EPR19392]
ab228462 Anti-PD-L1 antibody [SP142] - C-terminal
ab189494 Anti-SIRT1 antibody [EPR18239]
ab217345 Anti-CD63 antibody [EPR21151]
ab209847 Anti-Hexokinase II antibody [EPR20839]
ab64088 Anti-CD20 antibody [SP32]
ab198394 Anti-Androgen Receptor (AR-V7 specific) antibody [EPR15656]
ab101688 Anti-Progesterone Receptor antibody [SP42]
ab53449 Biotin Anti-Polyethylene glycol antibody [PEG-B-47b]
ab154168 Anti-Dystrophin antibody [EPR9598(ABC)]
ab213215 Anti-CD4 antibody [SP35]
ab231172 Anti-Ki67 antibody [SP6] - BSA free
ab228415 Anti-PD-L1 antibody [73-10]
ab93884 Anti-Bcl2 alpha antibody [SP66] - N-terminal
ab203859 Anti-Ornithine Carbamoyltransferase/OTC antibody [EPR19725]
ab227642 Anti-EGFR antibody [SP84] - C-terminal
ab16701 Anti-COX2 / Cyclooxygenase 2 antibody [SP21]
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