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Go from assay to insights quickly and reliably with ImageXpress imaging systems and IN Carta software

IN Carta® Image Analysis Software solves complex image analysis problems utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforming images into results, which can be interpreted with ease. User-friendly workflows help you get answers faster from 2D, 3D, and 4D experiments. With the integration of our Custom Module Editor application, you can define highly customized image analysis protocols allowing you to obtain robust results—even for complex assays—then quickly visualize, review, and interact with the analysis results. Let IN Carta software do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your research.

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Guided workflows and scalable batch processing increase productivity and reduce time to answer. Experiments can be set up quickly and analysis of multiple wells is run in parallel.

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Machine learning helps you leverage more information and increase accuracy in the analysis of high-content screening data to enable new discoveries with confidence.

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Modern user experience and cutting-edge technology minimizes the software learning curve and removes barriers to productivity.


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Deep learning

Improve specificity of your image analysis workflows by utilizing the SINAP module. SINAP relies on deep learning-based image analysis, resulting in robust segmentation for virtually any biological structure.

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Start with a worklist

Browse to a parent directory and populate your worklist with image datasets of interest or simply use search to find them.

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AI-powered data analytics

Leverage the power of machine learning without being a data scientist. Identify and quantify phenotypic changes in a user-friendly workflow. Explore your data and reveal insights from complex datasets. Find novel and unexpected phenotypes with a few mouse clicks.

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Browse and review images from experiments, create image analysis protocols of different complexity and add on-demand data classification. Visualize analysis results using 360 ̊ data linking among images, data table and charts.

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3D analysis

The Custom Module Editor’s 3D application provides unprecedented flexibility in segmenting complex biological structures. Image datasets can be acquired in 3D or 4D (timelapse 3D) and tailored image analysis routines can be developed within a guided workflow.

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Batch analysis and monitoring

Analyze multiple experiments in batch analysis mode with one or more analysis protocols. Monitor the status of all submitted tasks and oversee their progression in real time.

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