nCounter Analysis System

nCounter® Analysis System

Fully automated and easy-to-use, the nCounter Analysis System provides everything you need to cost-effectively complete your projects in record time.

  • Strong analytical performance - sensitive, precise, and quantitative
  • Single tube multiplexing - up to 800 genes or regions, no amplification* required
  • Easy-to-use - fully automated, intuitive user interface
  • Flexible samples - small samples from a variety of sources, including FFPE
  • Quality assurance - GMP compliant / ISO 13485 certified

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    THE END OF CANCER? One of the greatest obstacles in the fight against cancer is the pace of cancer research itself. For targeted profiling experiments, the nCounter SPRINT Profile...

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    Unparalleled Performance in Digital Gene Expression nCounter Gene Expression CodeSets offer a cost-effective way to analyze the expression levels of up to 800 genes simultaneously,...

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    Open Architecture Digital Genomics nCounter Elements™ is a new digital, molecular barcoding chemistry based on NanoString’s patented technology that allows users to ass...
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