Ultra Low Temp Freezer (-86C) - touch screen

Series TSU -86°C Upright ULT Freezers

Thermo Scientific series TSU ultra-low temperature freezers offer maximized storage capacity, reduced energy consumption and minimized operating costs.

·  Choice of five capacities maximize sample storage while minimizing the freezer's physical space inside the lab

·  High-performance mode provides the tightest temperature uniformity and peak variation†—for most applications, energy-savings mode offers excellent temperature control, plus up to 15% savings on energy usage compared to high performance mode

·  Increases the internal capacity of 2 inch vials over previous generation freezers—gain up to 76% more capacity in the same footprint†— with 1mL CryBank tubes

·  Five sizes accommodate any size lab, featuring the industry's leading capacity per footprint specifications‡

·  Monitor the freezer's health 24/7 and access a detailed event log

·  Obtain a record, simply download a report of the current event log to a portable drive

·  Environmentally-friendly, CFC/HCFC free refrigerants

·  High-efficiency compressors offer exceptional performance and reliability

·  Brazed plate heat exchanger for more efficient heat transfer—induction brazed joints to reduce leak potential and improve reliability

·  Power management system protects against a wide range of voltage variation and is easily accessible through the touch-screen display

·  Remote alarm contacts compatible with external alarm and monitoring systems

·  Two rear access, 1in. (25mm) ports allow for the use of inexpedient probes or instrumentation

·  Store up to 15 years worth of temperature and event data on our on-board computer

·   Use the new USB port to download freezer temperature and event log data, or freezer settings from one freezer to another

·  Provides protection against dust on the condenser, which can cause reduced refrigeration performance and increased risk to samples

·  Store up to 278 lbs. of samples (depending on freezer model) on our reinforced, stainless steel shelving

·  4×7 heated gasket provides four touchpoints of security and seven zones of protection, maximizing cabinet temperature and eliminating frost build-up

·  Four polystyrene insulated inner doors help maintain cabinet temperature during openings and feature embedded rare earth magnets, eliminating exposed latches or magnets

·  Several optional features including LN2 and CO2 back-up system, chart recorder, stainless steel inventory racking solutions, and hands-free locking option - See more at:


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