3D FloTrix® Bioreactors

3D FloTrix® vivaSPIN Bioreactor

3D FloTrix® vivaSPIN Bioreactor is a closed, automated, and scalable stirred bioreactor developed by CytoNiche to achieve high-quality large-scale cultivation of 3D cells. Based on the core technology products, the 3D TableTrix® microcarrier, and the 3D FloTrix® dynamic cultivation process, CytoNiche has taken into full consideration factors such as fluid dynamics and process control parameters. The optimization design covers various aspects, including tank structure, pipe fittings, and control procedures.

PECALS® control system

※ Precise execution & real-time monitoring of process parameters, supports remote control and data logging

3D FloTrix® Cell Pro System

※ Online monitoring of viable cell mass and automated growth curve plotting

Enhanced air-tightness & minimized agitation blind-spot

※ Featuring multiple unique designs to achieve reliable closed-system cultivation undergrade C+A environments

Meets GMP Requirement

※ Traceable and complete data logging to meet audit requirement and for data analysis

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    3D TableTrix®Microcarriers The 3D TableTrix® microcarrier family is a series of independently developed products, consisting of tens of thousands of elastic three-dimension...

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    3D RecomTrix® Recombinant Collagen Microcarriers 3D RecomTrix® Recombinant Collagen Microcarrier retains the major characteristics of the CytoNiche Microcarrier, with the o...

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    3D ExoTrix Exosome Exosome is a type of extracellular vesicle with a particle size of 30-150 nm. At present, it is mainly used in disease treatment, drug carrier, disease diagnosis...

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    3D FloTrix®vivaROCK Bioreactor Stystem Introducing the 3D FloTrix® vivaROCK Bioreactor System: Designed for high-quality scalable cultivation of cells in disposable culture...

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    3D FloTrix® vivaPREP PLUS Cell Processing System 3D FloTrix® vivaPREP PLUS is a fully automated and closed cell processing system specifically designed for cell therapy. Utilizing ...

  • b3iwnOQlTeasRT6vYzOc7Q.png_{i}xaf.png
    3D FloTrix® vivaEXO Exosome Harvesting System The 3D FloTrix® vivaEXO Exosome Harvesting System is an automated solution for large-scale concentration and enrichment of exo...

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    3D FloTrix® vivaFILL Cryovial Filling System The 3D FloTrix® vivaFILL Cryovial Filling System addresses key challenges in the filling process of cells, including large fill...

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    3D FloTrix® vivaPACK Cryobag Filling System Revolutionize your cell therapy production with the 3D FloTrix® vivaPACK Cryobag Filling System! This cutting-edge, high-through...
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