MACSima™ Ultra High Content Imaging System

Instrument type  Epifluorescence microscope
Camera Latest sCMOS technology with high-resolution, thermoelectrically cooled sensor
Filters 5 different emission filters
Autofocus Dual approach of hardware and image-based autofocus mechanism
Illumination 6 different excitation LEDs
Objectives Set of 3 lenses from overview to resolution, optimized for all supported sample carriers
Liquid handling • Washable stainless-steel needle with minimized spill-over
• Syringe pump drive for accurate volumetric staining of samples 
Automation • Fully automated liquid handling
• Fluorescent staining, image acquisition, and erasing
• 1.5 L fluid containers for automatic operation over several days without the need to exchange containers 
Stage • 100 nm resolution
• Convenient loading and clamping of all supported sample carriers 
Sample carriers • Miltenyi Biotec’s MACSwell™ Sample Carriers for slide-based and plate-based sample handling
Computer • Integrated redundant storage for multiple experiments
• Tiltable integrated touch display (Full HD)
• Trackball keyboard 
Software Software package allowing for experiment planning, execution and analysis of high dimensional data sets
Weight ~165 kg
Dimensions 1,210 mm × 750 mm × 650 mm (L×W×H)

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