Dolomite Bio is leading the way towards affordable single cell research.

The RNAdia kit for single cell RNA-Sequencing on the Nadia platform offers world-class results at 50% of the cost of competitor reagents.

Together with the Nadia platform, the RNAdia kit offers a high quality, low cost, complete solution for single cell RNA-Sequencing.


RNAdia – 50% less than competitor reagents

One of the greatest challenges facing researchers is the cost of single cell workflows. Reducing cost for scRNA-Seq reagents by 50% to comparable products on the market will enable more scientists than ever to access the rapidly expanding field of single cell research. Significant savings in reagent costs will allow researchers to run more samples and choose the cell number and sequencing depth they truly need, in order to push the boundaries of single cell research even further.



Which reagents for the single cell sequencing workflow does the RNAdia kit contain?
The RNAdia kit contains reagents for all steps from sample encapsulation, cDNA library preparation, PCR amplification to NGS-library preparation.

When will the RNAdia kit be available for order?
RNAdia kits will be available for order from the 29th of September.

What is the required sequencing depth for RNAdia kits?
The sequencing depth will depend upon sample type (different RNA content) and the experimental question asked. For new sample types we can recommend an average of 50k read pairs. If you are unsure which read-depth to choose please get in touch with our support team.

How many samples and how many cells can be sequenced with one RNAdia kit?
RNAdia kit contain enough reagents for 8 samples and a total of over 50,000 cells.

Is there a limit to cell size on the Nadia Instrument?
Nadia can process cells of over 50µm and those with different buffer requirements such as cardiomyocytes and plant cells which are typically much larger than 50µm in diameter.

How do I analyse my single cell data?
Single cell transcriptomic data can be analyzed using open-source pipelines or with our in-house service for data analysis. You are able to purchase data analysis and visualization from Dolomite Bio as you can a kit.

What sample types are compatible with the Nadia Instrument?
The Nadia Instrument and its’ associated RNAdia kit are compatible with a very wide range of samples types owing to its flexibility in sample buffers and broad cell size range. Species that have been tested internally and published range from mammals, fungi and plants and are sourced from primary tissue and model organisms.

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