For over 85 years, Tuttnauer sterilization and infection control products have been trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics and laboratories throughout the world. Supplying a range of top-quality products to over 100 countries, Tuttnauer has earned global recognition as a leader in sterilization and infection control.

Autoclaves for laboratory sterilization
applications of liquid, glass, and biohazard. Autoclave features specifically designed for lab applications used in laboratory, microbiology, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Designed to provide high quality repeatable performance and documentation for laboratory applications and quality assurance processes.

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    Tuttnauer's ML laboratory line of semi-automatic, electro-mechanically controlled, vertical steam sterilizers provide safe, economical and effective sterilization. The semi-auto...

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    Benchtop Autoclaves for Life Sciences Liquid sterilization with various cooling optionsPipette ...

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    Vertical D-Line Models - Technical Data D-Line ModelChamber DimensionsØxD (mm)Chamber Volume(Liter)External DimensionsWxHxD (mm) 2840 ELV 280 x 460 31 540 x 980 x 440 3840...

  • 3870elv-d.png
    ELV - D Line Vertical Autoclaves Biohazard and Waste sterilization Agar preparation Specialized customized cycles Liquid sterilization withvarious cooling options Pipett...
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