Protein Microarrays

Allergen Microarray


Research use only microarray assay for measuring immunoglubulin E (IgE) and immunoglobulin G (IgG) levels of common environmental, food and herbal medicine allergens.

AllerSpot™ Pet Allergy Testing Service

companion animal testing

Arrayit AllerSpot™ Companion Animal Testing Service using a 62-allergen microarray based on rigorous scientific studies and environmental research on various factors affecting the prevalence rates of allergies. Based on this information, we have identified a test for the most common allergens inhaled and ingested by our companion animal pets including dogs and cats. Ask your veterinarian about AllerSpot™.

Pathogen Antigen Microarrays

antigen microarrays

Arrayit Antigen Microarrays, manufactured with Arrayit’s patented microarray manufacturing technology 6,101,946, are designed for reactive antibody screening, immune response profiling and biomarker research.  Each microarray contains antigens and extensive controls for reactions with 1 µl of human serum or plasma immunology, infectious disease, microbiology, and cell biology. For research use only.

PlasmaScan Antibody Microarrays

The only microarray on the market containing a library of monoclonal antibodies raised against native human plasma proteins. Native human proteins guarantee proper folding and native post-translation modification to ensure high antibody binding affinity and specificity. Use Arrayit PlasmaScan 80 to explore the human plasma proteome with unprecedented precision. Identify new biomarkers in human disease samples.

Protein Microarray Manufacturing

Arrayit Services empowers the production and analysis of a any protein microarray including proteome microarrays. Proteins are printed into microarrays using our high-speed robotics onto any surface of interest depending on the application and detection method. The printed proteins react with proteins, antibodies, drugs and receptors in solution that are incubated to the microarray. These protein microarrays are compatible with any microarray detection technique including standard fluorescence, SPR, chemiluminescence, colorimetric, RLS, mass spec and others.

Tissue Microarrays

The AccuMax™ Microarray is a slide containing various types of small tissues. The diameter of each spot on the slide ranges from 0.6 to 2.0 mm and the sections number tens to several hundreds. Each tissue section is extracted from various donor blocks and transferred into a ready-made recipient block. The donor blocks are generally conventional, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded blocks but can also be different types, such as non-formalin-fixed, frozen types.

Transcription Factors

Microarray transcription factor profiling systems enable researchers to rapidly identify transcription factors that drive biological responses. They employ a powerful multiplexed approach for simultaneously measuring the binding of different transcription factors to their unique regulatory DNA elements.

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