Automated Nucleic acid Purification

The InviGenius provides advanced and reliable performance in automated nucleic acid sample preparation. The use of this system in combination with the well established magnetic bead based InviMag technology for DNA and RNA purification will allow for increased standardization and streamlining of laboratory workflows. Innovative functions and optimized protocols enable reliable results for high quality DNA and RNA purification. The InviGenius automated system, with built-in touch screen and computer, provides efficient automation of the sample preparation workflow.


  • purify DNA and RNA from up to 12 samples
  • proven performance-leading magnetic-particle chemistry
  • best in error prevention
  • advanced process safety and standardized sample preparation
  • highest degree of automation
  • total in-process control
  • data storage, backup and archiving


Ultimate safety of set-up and operation

With its innovative design, the InviGenius delivers exceptional process safety and a completely monitored purification process. Elaborate software control of the entire purification procedure enables full process documentation and prevents errors in sample tracking.

Safety features for a completely monitored purification process:

  • loading racks for primary tubes, e.g. for common blood collection systems
  • automatic recognition of samples and reagents by barcode scan while loading: helps to prevent human errors, allows tracking of samples, can be connected with LIMS allowing workflow continuity and archiving of the data
  • defined and protected protocols prevent user-errors
  • air displacement pipettor - with liquid level sensing capability; no system liquid required – reduced maintenance
  • heat incubator with lid for efficient sample lysis up to 90 °C – the heated lid prevents aerosol formation and condensation
  • liquid level detection via conductive disposable pipette tips by barometric and capacitive measurements – contributes to the robustness of the purification procedure
  • automatic detection of sheath presence to ensure process safety
  • tip routing to prevent crossing critical areas with “loaded” disposable tips
  • inventory check before and during run - software-supported setup of reagents, waste and disposables
  • bottom magnets - prevent carry over of beads in eluates
  • drop catcher – helps to minimize the risk of cross contamination
  • UV light – enables decontamination of the worktable

Fully automated walk-away purification for routine applications

The InviGenius automated system streamlines the sample preparation workflow providing true sample-“in”, high quality and ready to use DNA or RNA-“out” technology. No user intervention is necessary from sample loading to extracted DNA/RNA.

The InviGenius takes efficiency to a new level

Combining the unique STRATEC Molecular magnetic-particle chemistry with broad application ranges for DNA and RNA purification, the InviGenius sets a new milestone in automated sample preparation technology allowing for increased standardization and streamlining of laboratory workflows.
The InviGenius controls an array of magnetic rods that can attract or release magnetic particles. After sample lysis the InviGenius transfers magnetic particles with bound nucleic acids through the buffers – unlike other systems – and elutes pure nucleic acids ready-to-use for subsequent downstream analysis.

Isolation principle:

  • sample loading
  • sample identification
  • buffer loading
  • buffer identification
  • lysis
  • magnetic bead based extraction
  • eluate transfer to microplate or tubes


Technical specification

Sample volume 50 to 400 µl (protocol-specific)
Capacity up to 12 samples per run
Processing time 45 – 120 min (protocol-specific)
Magnetic rods

12 (plus buttom magnets)

Heating temperature Heat incubator, up to 90 °C
Computer integrated PC
Internal Software MS Windows
User Interface touch screen
Ports/ Drives USB, Ethernet, RS232/ 80 GB hard disc
Dimensions 77 x 72 x 68 cm, 95 kg
Type stand-alone tabletop instrument
Pipette tips 50 and 1000 µl conductive disposable filter tips
Integrated barcode reader 2/5 Interleaved, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar max. length of barcode : 20 digits
Air displacement pipettor up to 1000 volume range, barometric and capacitive liquid level detection
Pipetting precision less than 2% CV at 20 µl, less than 0.5 % CV at 100 µl

Ordering Information

ProductPackage SizeCatalogue No
InviGenius 1 unit 5011100000
Starting Box I/ IG
1 rack with 24 sheaths
2 x 2 rack/ pack (384 pieces) conductive filter tips, 1 ml
5 disposable waste trays
120 sample tubes, 5 ml
1 box 2400110100
Sheaths 1000 pieces 5011100200
Sheaths Bundle 10 x 48 pieces/ rack 5011100300
Conductive filter tips, 1100 µl (bundle) 10 x 96 pieces/ rack 5011100400
Waste tray/ IG (disposable) 25 pieces 5011100100

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