Favorgen Agarose (DNase/RNase-free) is an extremely pure, high molecular biology grade. It provides high resolution of DNA and RNA separated by electrophoresis and offers consistent resolution from lot to lot. This high quality agarose reduces the chances of gel breaking even when used at lower concentrations.


1  DNase/RNase-free 
2  Low melting point agarose
3  High gel strength (>1400g/cm2) 
4  High resolution of PCR and DNA fragments 100bp-10,000bp
5  Improved clarity of the gel, enhancing visibility. 
6  Low background fluorescence with ethidium bromide Applications
7  DNA/RNA Electrophoresis 
8  Ideal for separating nucleic acids of a middle range of sizes, 100bp -10,000bp

1  Gel Strength( 3.0%gel): >=1400g/cm2
2  Gelling point (1.5% gel): 33 +/-1.5°C
3  Melting Point (1.5%gel): 87 +/-1.5°C
4  Effective Seperation Range: 100bp-10,000bp

working concentrations                                                 
800-10000bp: 0.8% 
400-8,000bp: 1.0% 
200-4,000bp: 1.5%
100-3000bp: 2.0%

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