SoftGenetics Software

NextGENe®- 2nd Generation Sequence Analysis Software

NextGENe® software has been developed specifically for use by biologist performing analysis of next generation sequencing data from Roche Genome Sequencer FLX, Illumina GA/HiSeq, Life Technologies Applied BioSystems' SOLIDTM System, PacBio and Ion PGM platforms.


Mutation Surveyor®- DNA Variant Analysis Software  

Mutation Surveryor® Sequence analysis and assembly software. The software is an excellent tool for both discovery and diagnostic applications and accepts sequence traces from all major sequencing systems such as those marketed by Applied Biosystems, Foster City CA, Beckman Coulter or MegaBACE systems, and is compatible with either terminator or primer chemistries. The software's unique technology provides the best tool for locating all DNA variants: Homozygote, Heterozygote, Indels and heterozygote insertions or deletions.


GeneMarker®- The Biologist Friendly Software

GeneMarker® is a unique genotype analysis software which integrates new technologies enhancing the speed, accuracy and ease of analysis. Biologist-friendly, the software is an excellent alternative to Applied BioSystems Genotyper® and GeneScan® or GeneMapper® software; LiCor's SAGA, MegaBACE® Genetic Profiler and Fragment Profiler or MRC Holland's Coffalyser.


GeneMarker® HID- Human Identity Software

GeneMarker® HID human identity software is an excellent choice for all forensic profiling applications. This expert system software  can be employed as a " biologist-friendly" replacement for GeneScan®/ Genotyper® or as an alternative to GeneMapper®ID and GeneMapper® IDX. GeneMarker® HID (concordant), compatible with ABI®PRISM 310-3100 3730-3500 genetic analyzers and chemistries (including Identiflier®,Minifiler®, PowerPlex®16, PowerPlex®ESI) uses advanced Window® technology that is intuitive and easy to learn.



JelMarkerTM  image reading and conversion software was developed in response to a growing demand for software that can analyze fluorescence, chemiluminescence and autoradiography gel images files - especially those from LI-COR's 4300 DNA Analyzer and KODAK's Image Station 4000R. JelMarkerTM is a simple, stand-alone image reading software providing highly accurate lane and band recognition. Easy-to Use, modern Windows technology permits rapid point and click modification to lane and band positions.

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