DNA Sequencing Services

AITbiotech has provided high quality capillary electrophoresis sequencing for Singapore customers as well as SEA region customers with great customer satisfactions. All DNA samples are sequenced using BigDye Terminator chemistry with available universal primers or user-supplied primers. The DNA sequencing reactions are electrophoresed on ABI’s 3730XL DNA Analyzers which can produce read lengths of 800-1000 bases. AITbiotech will not release sequencing results to customers until they pass acceptable quality controls.



  • 24 - 48 hr turnaround time
  • Easy & flexible submission requirements - No DNA & primer premixing. No special sample tubes required.
  • Incoming sample QC by agarose gel electrophoresis
  • 95% accuracy up to 800bp
  • Reproducible analysis
  • Free universal primers provide (Click here for Sequencing Universal Primers)
  • Template preparation and primer synthesis available
  • Technical and scientific support by experience professionals

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