TriM Scope™ II Multiphoton Microscope

The TriM Scope™ II is a modular platform for intravital multiphoton microscopy and optogenetic manipulation, which can be equipped with a variety of lasers, scanner configurations, detectors, and dedicated modules for in vivo imaging. Thanks to its modularity, the system can be adapted to various applications, including deep tissue multicolor imaging, intravital 3D time-lapse measurements, and calcium monitoring under natural and biased conditions. Thus, the TriM Scope II Multiphoton Microscope can be used for a large variety of applications, ranging from developmental biology to immuno-oncology and neuroscience.


Scanner options for the TriM Scope II Multiphoton Microscope 

 Resonant scannerGalvo scanner
    Unidirectional scan Bidirectional scan
Scan frequency  8 kHz 1.2 kHz 2.0 kHz
Frame rate  30 fps at 512×512 pixels  2.3 fps at 512×512 pixels  3.3 fps at 512×512 pixels
Scan field (with 20× objective)  500 µm × 500 µm 500 µm × 500 µm


Detector options for the TriM Scope II Multiphoton Microscope

 GaAs "red"GaAsPMultialkali
Quantum efficiency at peak wavelength  12% at 800 nm 40% at 580 nm 25% at 375 nm 18% at 480 nm
Spectral response 380–890 nm 300–720 nm 230–870 nm 230–920 nm
Sensitivity adjustment range  1:50 1:50 1:10,000 1:10,000

Camera options for the TriM Scope II Multiphoton Microscope

 sCMOS cameraCMOS camera
Sensor type Front-illuminated scientific CMOS Front-illuminated CMOS
Sensor format 4.2 megapixels 4.2 megapixels
Active pixels (w × h) 2048×2048  2048×2048
Pixel size 6.5 µm × 6.5 µm 5.5 µm × 5.5 µm
Sensor size 13.3 mm × 13.3 mm, 18.8 mm diagonal 11.26 mm x 11.26 mm , 15.9 mm diagonal
Pixel well depth 45,000 e- 13,500 e-
Pixel frame rate  40 fps (100 fps optional) 80 fps
Readout mode Rolling shutter Global shutter
Read noise [median] rolling shutter 2.1 e- 13e-
Interface USB 3.1 (Camera Link optional) USB 3.0
Quantum efficiency 80% >50%


Laser options for the TriM Scope II Multiphoton Microscope

 Wavelength (nm) Models (examples) 
Ultra-wide tunable 680–960, 960–1300, 1025 CRONUS laser
680–1300 Spectra Physics InSight® X3+, Coherent® Chameleon Discovery NX TPC
Ti:sapphire 690–1080 Coherent® Chameleon Ultra II, Spectra Physics MaiTai®
 OPO 1010–1340 Coherent® Chameleon MPX (pumped with Ultra II)
OP(CP)A 1300–1700 Class 5 Photonics White Dwarf, Light Conversion® I-OPA, Spectra Physics® Spirit-NOPA®-VISIR
Fixed-wavelength femtosecond 920, 1040, 1064 Coherent® Axon Series, Spark Lasers® Alcor Series
Visible 405, 445, 488, 514, 532, 552 (others on request) Coherent® OBIS™
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