Peptide Synthesis Services

KareBayTM Biochem is a global leading biotech CMO focused on providing customers with custom & catalog peptides, GMP/GLP grade peptides, and peptide library for research and pre-clinical applications. KareBay has a seasoned manufacture team, and our quality department performs the rigorous quality management to assure the conformity of the product and the process. KareBay’s scientists are experienced in peptide manufacturing and research, such as solution phase/solid phase synthesis, custom peptide synthesis, peptide combinatorial chemistry, peptide modifications, peptidomimetics, enzyme substrate design and synthesis, unusual amino acid design and synthesis, and other proteomic entities.
KareBay has full peptide therapeutics development capacity (Pharmability) under its state of the art process facilities, supported by its formulation optimization platform and cGMP quality system. KareBay has already developed broad experience in pharmaceutical peptide field, which includes than 60 peptide APIs and Inhibitors at various stage of trials (See Product list). KareBay can not only partner with big pharma to develop new peptide therapeutics and API, but also can provide biotech enterprises and academic institutes with strategic technical collaboration in their peptide research projects. With its experienced manufacture management team, KareBay has a great advantage in cost, quality, and lead-time control over its competitors due to its technical proficiencies, efficient integrated operation systems (Business development, Customer support, Quality, Production, and Supply-chain). KareBay welcomes all customers and partners from universities, research organizations, pharmaceuticals, biotech and everyone in need of peptide research and custom peptide synthesis services.



KareBay has a very strong technique team comprising of 15 senior scientists who are experienced in the fields of peptide, fluorophore, medicinal chemistry, bioconjugation and polymeric chemistry and purification, bioassay, QC/QA. Up to date, our chemists have produced thousands of peptides, and KareBay is capable of t-Boc, Fmoc, Cbz, solid phase synthesis, solution phase synthesis, fragment condensation as well as ligation chemistries. At KareBay, our scientists can easily handle complicated conjugations and are experienced in stabilizing, optimizing and analyzing the conjugates. Director of Peptide Chemistry has more than 20-year experience in fluorophore, medicinal and peptide chemistry. And more, Dr. Drew Dai, is a senior polymeric/peptide and bioconjugation chemist, with more than 10 years of bio-reagent development experience.

KareBayTM Featured Services

KareBayTM Biochem provides comprehensive services on custom peptide synthesis for your peptide-based researches and business. Our operation mission is to provide our customers with the best proteomic services in terms of Cost, Quality, and Delivery time. Briefly go through our featured services or click to specific pages on each service to explore our comprehensive and flexible packages.
Crude to >98%
Crude to >98%
per request
mg to gram
1-25 mg
gram to kg
2-190 amino acids
5-30 amino acids
per request
Multiple Reports according to GMP
Turnaround Time
from 2-3 weeks 
from 2-3 weeks
per request

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