DNA Microarrays



Arrayit $1,000 Genome

$1000 genomes

Arrayit $1,000 Human Genome Microarrays empower detailed functional analysis of the entire human genome for less than $1K per sample, enabling researchers and clinicians to identify human disease markers, drug targets and activated and repressed cellular pathways in less than 8 hours with unprecedented sensitivity. Complete expression services facilitate studies in cancer, neurodegeneration, stem cell and synthetic biology, epigenomics and immunology.

H25K Human Genome Microarrays

H25K is the first microarray designed and manufactured using the complete human genome sequence as the blueprint, allowing users to explore biology across 25,509 annotated human genes and >300,000 transcripts.  Advanced bioinformatics, oligonucleotide manufacturing, microarray printing, and surface chemistry provide high specificity and sensitivity. Compatible with >10,000 microarray glass substrate slide scanners, H25K offers comprehensive human genome analysis.

DiscoverChips™ Microarrays

Discover Chips™ microarrays contain 380 gene sequences selected from major cellular pathways for broad coverage of physiological and transcriptional information, and are available for human, mouse, rat and Arabidopsis, allowing users to explore biology in biology’s most highly studied organisms. The ArrayIt® Oligo Design Directive and manufacturing is performed in class 100 cleanrooms combine to afford Discover Chips™ of incomparable quality.

Pathways™ Focused Human Genome Microarrays

DNA Microarray

Pathways™ Focused Human Genome Microarrays enable targeted gene expression analysis of every major cellular pathway in the human body with the highest sensitivity and specificity of any product on the market. Long-mer oligonucleotides, proprietary attachment and surface chemistry, and a unique one gene-one spot™ design allow users to rapidly and economically explore adipogenesis, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cancer drug targets, cardiotoxicity, cell cycle, cell motility, cytokine production, DNA repair, glucose metabolism, growth factors, hypertension, JAK/STAT, mitochondria, neurotoxicity, protein phoshatases, stem cells, transcription factors, WNT signalling pathways and many others.

Bacteria Microarrays


Bacteria gene expression microarrays contain long-mer oligonucleotide elements comprising the whole genome of Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhimurium, with 30,000 or 40,000 elements per bacterial genome, 4-5 technical replicates per oligonucleotide for highly efficient genomic analysis, and 25 x 76 standard glass substrate slide format fully supported by Arrayit's entire line of microarray scanners, hybridization stations, tools, kits and reagents.

CheckIt Chips

CheckIt™ Chips contain 100 oligonucleotide elements synthesized in the sense and antisense orientations to enable hybridization analysis of single-stranded fluorescent probe preparations. CheckIt™ Chips provide excellent educational tools for new users and are advanced users to check their hybridization probes prior to use on expensive, high-complexity microarrays. Each kit includes five microarrays, fluorescent test probe, hybridization buffer and cover slips. Compatible with all major brands of microarray scanner, hybridization station, processing hardware and quantification software.

CGH Microarrays


Arrayit offers a complete solution for comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) microarrays including microarrayers, scanners, microarray hardware, buffers, and solutions.

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