Microarray Scanner

Arrayit sets the standard with ArrayIt® brand Microarray Scanners including colorimetric, CCD and next generation sub-micron fluorescence systems to meet every application. Click on the scientific publications, and on the links below for the product that best meets your requirements.

Next-Generation InnoScan® Microarray Laser Scanners


Arrayit offers the world’s only next-generation microarray fluorescence laser scanner line, the innovative and highly compact InnoScan® 710 and InnoScan® 900 instruments featuring proprietary rotary motion control for superior speed and durability, complete controller and Mapix® quantification software, dynamic auto-focusing for superior precision, dual-color 532 nm and 635 nm detection and autoloader options. The 710s offer 3 µm resolution and the 900s allow the world’s only sub-micron (500 nm) resolution scanning. Recommended for all leading research and clinical laboratories investigating genomics, proteomics and diagnostics.

ArrayPix™  Microarray Plate Scanners


ArrayIt® ArrayPix™ Plate Microarray Scanners for detection of microarrays in microplates and microplate-based tools using glass substrate slides.  ArrayPix™ systems are perfect for colorimetric and fluorescent multiplex assays requiring fast image acquisition, quantification and reporting in an easy to use compact instrument. These instruments can be integrated with liquid handling systems for complete automation of processing through detection, quantification and reporting, or used as stand alone instruments.

SpotLight™ 2 Microarray Scanners

genechip scanner

Arrayit SpotLight™ 2 Two-Color Microarray Scanners provide the market’s most affordable fluorescence scanning solution. Building on SpotLight™, SpotLight™ 2 Scanners offer cool excitation and high-sensitivity light capturing technology along with hardware and software advances for greater detectivity, reduced background and faster scan times. Available in Cy3 and Cy5, FITC and custom colors.

SpotLight™ CCD Microarray Scanners


Arrayit offers a new line of microarray scanning instruments that provide improved performance and efficiency comparable to laser scanners. SpotLight leverages new cool excitation technology, sensitive deep-space imaging detectors, proprietary high numerical aperture lenses and custom filter sets to capture more signal than traditional microarray scanners, while offering low background. Arrayit 2-color SpotLight and the 6-color SpotLight Turbo systems provide excellent performance at the most affordable price point.

SpotWare™ Colorimetric Microarray Scanners


Arrayit offers a complete software and hardware solution for colorimetric microarray scanning with adjustable gain, and 5, 10, 20 and 50 µm scanning resolution. Compatible with all standard 25 x 76 mm glass substrate slides, SpotWare™ provides access to printed microarrays for research and diagnostics at a fraction of the cost of fluorescence. Arrayit SpotWare™ colorimetric microarray technology leverages alkaline phosphatase and horseradish peroxidase labels.

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