Magnetic beads Technology

InviMag® Technology - Magnetic beads for DNA/RNA sample preparation

The InviMag magnetic beads have been developed and selected for the best performance in a variety of different applications. Depending on the application, sample characteristics and instrument platform used for purification, STRATEC Molecular selects the InviMag beads best suited for the particular purpose.

Characteristics of InviMag beads:

  • fast magnetic response velocity by high magnetic content (70 – 90 % of iron oxides)
  • various binding capacities through differents-sized beads (200 nm – 1 µm)
  • good reproducibility and stability through uniform size distribution
  • good suspension stability


Principle of magnetic bead-based nucleic acid purification

The InviMag Virus RNA Mini Kit allows for rapid and economical purification of viral RNA from up to 200 µl of clinical sample* using magnetic beads. The InviMag Virus RNA Mini Kit is designed for manual use on the InviMag Rack.

Starting Material

serum, plasma, cell-free body fluids, rinse liquid from swab, stool samples, small tissue samples

Product Characteristics


Starting Material

Average Yield

Preparation Time

InviMag® Virus RNA Mini Kit up to 200 µl plasma, serum, cell-free body fluids, rinse liquid from swabs,
up to 50 mg stool samples,
up to 10 mg tissue
depending on viral titer about 20 - 25 min after lysis


  • highly efficient recovery of high-quality viral RNA from different sources, allowing for very sensitive virus detection
  • linear yields - efficient purification over a wide range of viral titers
  • Carrier RNA is provided in the kit
  • CE-marked in compliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD-Directive)*


The sample is lysed in an optimized lysis buffer containing Proteinase K and Carrier RNA. The addition of Carrier RNA is necessary for the enhancement of RNA recovery in samples with low virus titer. Carrier RNA also stabilizes nucleic acids in samples with very small nucleic acid concentrations. The viral RNA binds to the magnetic beads, followed by washing steps and the final elution. Handling of potentially infectious samples is minimized, ensuring safety to the user and reliable processing of samples. Due to the high purity, the isolated viral RNA is ready to use for a broad panel of downstream applications:

  • RNA dot blots
  • cDNA transcription
  • real-time PCR (quantitative RT-PCR, like TaqMan and LightCycler technologies)
  • array technologies

*) Products which are CE-marked according to the IVD-Directive can be used for diagnostic applications in countries where this directive is recognized.

Ordering Information

ProductPackage SizeCatalogue No
InviMag Virus RNA Mini Kit 50 purifications 1440300200
(old: 10407702)
InviMag Virus RNA Mini Kit 250 purifications 1440300300
(old: 10407703)
InviMag Virus DNA/RNA Mini Kit 50 purifications 1440100200
(old: 10401702)
InviMag Virus DNA/RNA Mini Kit 250 purifications 1440100300
(old: 10401703)

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