Plasmid DNA Isolation


  • ultra pure, ready to use pDNA
  • very fast procedure combined with reproducible yields
  • just binding, washing and elution
  • no resin, no time-consuming ethanol precipitation steps

Kit Overview

Sample Source Recommended Kit Sample Volume Yield
fresh or frozen bacterial
suspension or bacterial pellet
Invisorb Spin Plasmid Mini Two
Invisorb Plasmid Midi Kit
Invisorb Plasmid Maxi Kit
0.5 - 2 ml
10 - 25 ml
50 - 150 ml
up to 20 µg
500 - 100 µg
300 - 500 µg


After alkaline lysis and a clearing step, the plasmid DNA binds to the surface of a membrane. All impurities are very efficiently removed and the ultra pure pDNA is eluted directly in a low-salt buffer. The pDNA preparation uses a vacuum based procedure to considerably reduce the hands-on time. The Invisorb plasmid kits provide reproducible recovery rates of highly purified pDNA. Thanks to the high purity, the isolated pDNA is ready to use in downstream applications.
The Invisorb plasmid DNA preparation offers different options:

  1. using the Invisorb 96 Vacuum Manifold to considerably reduce the hands-on time
  2. using a centrifuge
  3. using 96 well format in combination with robot, centrifuge or manifold
  4. using magentic beads in combination with a robot

Ordering Information

ProductPackage SizeCatalogue No
Invisorb Plasmid Midi Kit 24 purifications 1010120200
(old: 10101202)
Invisorb Plasmid Maxi Kit 12 purifications 1010130200
(old: 10101302)



ProductPackage SizeCatalogue No
Invisorb Spin Plasmid Mini Two 50 purifications 1010140200
(old: 10101402)
Invisorb Spin Plasmid Mini Two 250 purifications 1010140300
(old: 10101403)
Invisorb Spin Plasmid Mini Two 500 purifications

(old: 10101404)



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